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There are people who love youPeople who hate youPeople who wish they were youBut you’re youThey want to be like BeyoncéOr swag it out like my friend JovanteBut nobody is as great as youBeing you
Give me my soda, I won't ask you twice I need it right now, the essence of my life I'll count to three: one, two, okay now give it to me Do you see me laughing? This isn't a joke
My days aren't always great, but when they are, it's very sunny. Sometimes I may run late and have to hop to it like a bunny. But boy you should know that my life is crazy awesome
December 13, 2013   591 days have passed since A Queen released her self-titled album
I am a perfectionist with a capital P. Let down if I get less or equivalent to a B, because I want to be the best that I can be, and yet, I can never seem to keep my room clean for more than a week...
When I look in the mirror, who do I see? A beautiful black girl with, A smooth queenly head, dark and lovely, held high, glimmering with Fierceness, Pride, and Innate awesomeness.
When they ask me why I shaved my head   I say “because I was tired of my hair”   I was tired from the experiences curled up in each lock.  
My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remi
Because when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did WASN'T to look in the mirror. Because before I left this moning, the first thing I DIDN'T do was focus on what I am not.
Dear Diary, Today I was pushed to the ground,
Stupid, Ugly, Scared, That is all I saw Looking at the sasquatch Staring back from the wall. Why am I not intelligent? Why am I not beautiful?
Do not tear at your mirror Do not pull at your skin
As I move once again to a new state. I hold on to all the memories   Willingfully I go with a heavy heart but hopeful spirits.   Now I say to myself,
What do you see when you see me? long round face penetrating brown eyes long nose slightly crooked 
  Woman Wrapped in Self-Confidence   I am a woman wrapped in self-confidence A crown of wisdom placed upon my brow A heart of wonder laced with tenderness Tall I stand against all resistance.  
I am a ripple on a calm still lake i am a pimple on a perfect face i am imperfection in a perfect world i am the insecurity in a beautiful girl. but i am me never anyone else
Paul N 10th grade   [Bold- say it loud]  
Being a teenager I am to get judged and put down My self-esteem is expected to decrease to the lowest level My head is not supposed to be held high And my feet should be dragging heavily behind me
Me, I think I’m average, not perfectAverage guy, with average grades.Pretty average situation...But then I stop.  Average? No.Perfect? No.
Have pure confidence Walk tall and strong Speak up against negativity Sing regardless; just most according to my feelings Love past blemishes and Give past pain I feel, no matter who gave it to me
I am beautiful Something I'll never change The way I look in the mirror How my eyes catch everyone's attention How I can make everyone laugh When I don't even wanna smile I know all the right words
I am, a soul of passionfor people and life.I am, the kind,the kind to build a bridge
carmel skin that'll make ya knees weak -thats flawless thick hips, lips and thight -thats flawless small waist with a cute -thats flawless southern draw real strong -thats flawless
When the term "Hearty Chuckle" comes to mind One might think of a large lumberjack eating a pork rind
I woke up in this body Without any glamour whatsoever Loving myself forever Without idolized beauty Sounding a little bit loopy I woke up in this pattern Without a round tootie
When I was a child I wanted to fly I would squeeze my eyes closed and try:  it always went awry.  
Although you can clearly see my physical beauty; well most you…..some of you might. But real gentlemen say my best features and sensational beauty is out of sight!
I wake up, silence. The earth applauds. My very life-meaningful. It has a cause. I breathe, I feel. I am existing. Lights, cameras, who needs them? I make myself who I am. Fame and glory? Just words overused. Respect is the real reward.
A woman so amazing, Perfect in every way, With such a beautiful smile, That can lighten up any man
Not perfect. Not by any means. Just walking with a purpose to fulfill my dreams. I stride with these small steps. Pride in every breath. Standing tall at 5foot2. I dare you to ask the question... "who are you?"
It's not in the way that her hair shines on a bright sunny day It's not in the way her body curves or even how much she weighs And it's not in the way she dresses herself Or even the the things she may say
                                                                                                                         My skin complexion you may hate  
All my life I was told to cover Who I am How I speak, act, look I was told to cover my indviduality I was told to follow a set of rules Conform to the world's idea of me But I shine through
When we're pushed down, it is by one who has the same Bruises on their knees. When we're being made a fool,
Sometimes I think about that long summer day with my golden skin and that natural hair I was too comfortable in and I thank myself for allowing me to be free even if it was just me and a mirror in an unconditioned room.
Here I lay, for the third day The clothes i'm wearing have yet to be washed My hairs in a bun My makeup flushed  Having no desire to get up Here I lay, day after day
I run this, yes G-town. No don't be scared cause you see this crown. I'm bossed up with confiedence. So intelligent, you look pass my radiance. I'm so knowlegeable, it'll make you feel dumb
My flaws make me flawless My failures push me to suceed The struggles I endure The long nights I sat and watched my wrist bleed All my flaws pushed me to proceed On to something better
Don't hide beneath the make-up, embrace the beauty that is natural. The bumps arising that I pop, creating all these dark spots.
Accepting. Powerful. Integrity. Looking in the mirror these are the words I see in me I See a Queen The warmth of her soul equally coheres to the fire in her eyes
I don’t bow down I stand up straight and proud Some say it’s an ego Some call me a diva Ring the alarm because I don’t care if what I will please ya I’m a girl on a mission Girl with a mind
I'm bout that B, town coming coming down
    Middle school, 7th grade.  When you think you have everything in the bag, something changes. It gets taken away, out of know where. 
Fabulous Ha! I love that word Eight letters, three snaps Fa-bu-lous
Fearless of any obstacle Leader of others Absolutely confident Waking up ready to take on the world Learning how to perfect my craft Excellence at its best Striving for success Swagger at its finest
I wake up, #FLAWLESS. No make-up. Bra-less. Should I wear jeans, or joggers? Every morning I go through all this...   20 minutes til I catch the bus, Eyebrows on FLEEK, hair looking plush,
To wake up like this: Confident, poised, and care free Everything my grandmother hoped to live to the day I be To speak my mind:
Thick thighs, hazel eyes, the voice of an angel. In her own lane. Makes her own labels. We see you! We see you! Bow down bitches! Beyonce coming through.  
I am FLAWLESS When I fall, I am going to rise I am challenged with many obstacles And yet I am still just fine   I refuse to fall under a stereotype   Because I am a woman  
  I am a Diamond, Not a pearl, sapphire or  crystal. I was created from tons of heat and pressure From this a beauty came about admiration by everyone I AM FLAWLESS.
I am flawless Can't you see? From the top of  my head down
Beauty is in the Eyes of Society Growing up, I was never skinny; my skin was dark and all I wanted was to be pretty. I was 10; looking at magazines, seeing all of the skinny girls
when I think of the word "Life", I think of a flower. The seed gets planted, gets water and get shine on by the Earth`s light. It then gets fed with pain and heart.
I'm perfectly and wonderfully made  
My theatre room used to be the dance room.
Looking into the mirror, Wiping away the tears. A new day is ahead And a new face appears. No one can see past The cover that is shown, But nobody really understands What is called the unknown.
Everyone is BEAUTIFUL. FLAWLESS is unattainable; as is PERFECTION, GOD is the only being of Perfection. He created us, in His Image; So aren't we all Beautiful? Beauty is measured by your soul,
I used to think that because my legs weren’t Twig thin That I was ugly That no boy would ever find me Beautiful enough to touch That no girl would ever think I was prettier than she was
Society trying to mislead me Make me something I’m not Or are they Trying to rip The veil In front of my blind eyes To reveal What I have yet To see
Sitting, watching, model like girls, Strut in front of me with tight bouncy curls. Perfect legs and tiny waists, Seamlessly flawless face.   I can't help, but judge myself,
I'm not flawless I'm not perfect But with my personality, I promise I'm worth it   I have many talents Blessed with many gifts I can't name them all So, I'll just make a list  
  Flawless - without any blemishes; perfect.  
The courage to accept being alone The beauty of knowing it takes time The strength to know it just you without a clone
Queen B Queen ME “To know love is to know pain” Fall in love Kiss him Fulfill his fantasies Before they turn the lights out That one love that ripped my heart out Be strong
A size two is the acceptable lo
Look at me What do you see? Young, black, short, mean Somewhere in between?    I look in the mirror You know what I see? A queen Staring back at me   Not the tallest
They ask how I woke up today.
The wind of my hair, My hair on my face, My face a tint pink From the weather that does stink. The snow comes down, down upon my feet I look up to the sky knowing I will defeat.
Flawed Flawlessly
I am worth more than a once over, Do you know how long it takes to look this great? Sun-kissed skin and raven black hair, I am unique and I do not need you. I am not meant to be a secret,
When I was young I was teased and called burned
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