Being a teenager I am


Being a teenager I am to get judged and put down

My self-esteem is expected to decrease to the lowest level

My head is not supposed to be held high

And my feet should be dragging heavily behind me

I have to wake up early in the morning to get prettied up just so I won’t get criticized

I have to watch what I eat so I can be “beautiful” like the rest

Pickles? Oh no, don’t eat those they will make you break out

I spend my time on YouTube so I can learn how to do my makeup like the models

I want to be beautiful

I spend so much time trying to be like the rest I forgot who I truly am

I am the girl who would rather read books than go out and party

I am the girl who watches ted talks because they inspire me

I am the girl who strives for the best

I am the girl who reaches for my goals even if they are too high

I love pickles, what was I thinking?

And because of that, because of the things I have forgotten

I am flawless



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