I Am


Stupid, Ugly, Scared,

That is all I saw

Looking at the sasquatch

Staring back from the wall.

Why am I not intelligent?

Why am I not beautiful?

Why am I not confident?

I see a stubborn girl

who yells way too much,

A stubborn girl

who is not at all tough.

I see a selfish girl,

thoughtful of her needs,

A selfish girl,

to no one she will heed.

I see a careless girl

who does not think things through,

A careless girl,

her brain seems empty from your point of view.

I see a wimpy girl

afraid of reaching out,

A wimpy girl,

to everyone, she bows.

I see an unhappy girl,

she is unhappy with her life,

An unhappy girl,

of hope, she has lost sight,

she loses every fight.

Three years pass

Now I look in the mirror.

I see something different,

It could not be clearer.

I am intelligent.

I am beautiful.

I am confident.

I see a strong-willed girl,

sometimes a little too much,

A strong-willed girl

that proves she is tough.

I see a loving girl,

thoughtful of others,

A loving girl

who loves like a mother.

I see a dedicated girl

that always follows through,

A dedicated girl,

always keeps her promise to you.

I see a forgiving girl

who puts problems in the past,

A forgiving girl

whose heart is so vast.

I see a happy girl,

she is happy with her lfe,

A happy girl

Whom God has helped right,

Who has had so much to fight.

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