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It was a day that I was bound to dread.I woke up in the hospital and found you dead.I told the nurse that I thought you had died and she examined you.She found no pulse and she confirmed what I believed to be true.
Quality children's books were what this man was bound to produce.He was a writer who died 30 years ago and his name was Dr. Seuss.He died in September of 1991 and was born in March of 1904.
You were born on August 2, 1948, you were a Leo just like me.If you hadn't died, today you would've turned seventy-three.You were unique and I truly hate that you're dead.
He was Eddie Haskell on "Leave It To Beaver".He starred as the best friend of Wally Cleaver.When he starred as Eddie, his performances were sure to please.Sadly, he died on May 18, 2020 from Peripheral Artery Disease.
He was a great actor but now he's gone.He starred in seven movies as James Bond.Connery was awesome in every role that he played.He gave a terrific performance in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade".  
This is the eighth Mother's Day that has come around since you died.You were one of the world's greatest mothers and that can't be denied.Time flies, it doesn't seem like eight Mother's Days have come around.
Mom is sick, a sad thought, but there is one benefit, I can finally occupy the kitchen the forbidden lands of war
a high school girl dreams of buffalo plaid bandanas and button downsyou know, of which that isadorned on the tartan kilts of gaelic menandblocked by the bodies of beloved on top of a picnic blanket
Daddy, Permanent creases make a home beside your eyes  And distract from what was once an icy blue gaze You promised yourself any wrinkles would be temporary, But your stress seeps in, a stealthy move,
It begins as a small seed Lodged in your ear Blocking all sound Soon, the roots spread   Little brown threads reach down into the canal
In freshman year at college, I was quiet and lost. Until the first year have ended, I was talking and knowing a lot of things. Without that, I stay quiet. I always wanted to do something's greater,
It was seven years ago when you celebrated your final Mother's Day.We had to bury you ten months later when you passed away.Before you became ill, your death wasn't something that our family anticipated.
A British actor entertained people as Selwyn Froggitt and The Gaffer.During his 89 years of life, Bill Maynard gave millions the gift of laughter.He starred in a few episodes of both 'Worzel Gummidge' and 'Heartbeat'.
When he was born, God gave him a special gift.He was a British actor who was named Clive Swift.He starred as Richard Bucket and Roy Bowden in 'Keeping Up Appearances' and 'The Old Guys'.
The Christmas of 2012 was the last Christmas that you celebrated on Earth.You were a kind and loving mother for 41 and a half years after my birth.When March the 6th arrived, you wouldn't have a tomorrow.
Today my life surrendered Before Thy feet I lay A willing, living offering I now to Thee convey - And in Thy hands, Thy bidding To do without delay. Please take this life to mold it
Today you are 50 years-old Symbolic of the precious gold   A daughter, a sister, a mother a wife Today is a day to reflect upon your life   Some days you want to cry, some days you live in fear
  The Encyclopedia   The books of all books The mind of all minds Not always politically correct And the values sometimes questionable
She starred in a Star Trek episode as the girlfriend of Khan.She was talented but it's sad because now she is gone.She had Multiple Sclerosis and by 1985, she was bound to a wheelchair.
Arthenia was my aunt and she was as kind as she could be.She was a loving mother and wife who lived in Sneedville, Tennessee.She was appreciated by her husband and the three children that she had.
Many people know how important you were to me.If you hadn't died, today you would've turned seventy.You were a kind woman who loved to give.I would've done anything if you could've lived.
I look into your eyes and cannot begin to explain the deep passion that burns in my heart for you. I devote my every waking moment to you, for I live to 
Would it be OK if I took some of your time? Would it be OK if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be OK if I opened your heart?
  To Thee Who Takes Him Away, My highest admiration revolves around thee, I know thy cause is one of inevitability. For despite pleas of the pure in mankind,
You died twenty years ago today.On February 7, 1998, you passed away.You were born in 1910 and died at the age of eighty-seven.Twenty years ago, you left this Earth and went to Heaven.
  JROTC is where I met you I was low-key about to drop that class but then I encountered you Down for 5 years but it seems like 10 The only person I can hard down argue with and be cool with again
The thought that counts I hold this dear Regardless the gift The intent is clear Loving someone, has no price It's unconditional
The hills so grassy so green Sitting on comforting seats of grass I feel the cool wind along with the breeze At some point in time I get up to walk a trail Following it I know where I'll never fail
You feel it deep in your viens, its something you cant stop thinking about its like an lock on addiction. Not only that you feed off of every section in what you love doing you just cant get enough.
She has passion in her eyes While she tries not to cry The cold hard floor has become her friend again She can not practice through the pain
A girl once contemplatedWhat it means to be loved,What it means to be valued,What it means–to be a girl
The future follows behind me with a stern look and a jagged plea As competition constantly stares back at me. In the past year I battled the fists of friend crusades Because of the stabs of pending test grades.  
In the last year I got married to the love of my life. In getting her, I received two. For a daughter came with my new wife. And soon we will be adding another girl too. A year ago, having three girls wasn't the plan.
She gave up that retirement plan So she could become all that she can Pushing away the money vice She knows what it means to make a sacrifice   Gripping on the helm of fate Praying it's never too late
Robert Vaughn's demise is something that billions of people deplore.If he had lived just eleven days longer, he would've turned eighty-four.Vaughn had the ability to make movies and TV shows enjoyable.
Every Christmas was a good Christmas when you were around.But it stopped being good after you were lowered ino the ground.
Robert Vaughn was married for forty-two years and had two children.He starred in many movies and TV shows and he stood five feet ten.He was the proud father of a daughter and a son.
He was an exceptional actor but now he's gone.The man who I'm speaking of was Robert Vaughn.Vaughn starred in The Man From U.N.C.L.E and twice on Columbo.
He has been with me since me since my earliest grade My fondness of him will never fade Whenever I would reach my darkest day I knew the smile on his face would always stay
I have a story to tell you that is a heart breaker.It's about a great man who was named Kenny Baker.When he starred in the Star Wars movies,he was inside of R2D2.
It was wonderful to have a mother who was so great.If you hadn't died, today you would've turned sixty-eight.When you became ill and died, everything went sour.
As the blue jay sweeps the skies, it flies and flies high into the white fluffy and thick clouds as if to disguise.
You were an awesome actor but I regret to say that you died twenty years ago.First, you were Doctor Who and later you were Worzel Gummidge the Scarecrow.You died of a heart attack in your sleep.
This is the fourth Mother's Day that has come around since you died.When you perished, I had to deal with a lot of pain on the inside.When you became ill, I wanted you to get well and so did my brother.
This is the third Mother's Day that has come around since you perished. The love that we felt for one another is something that I'll always cherish.Out of all of the people on Earth, you meant more to me than anyone.
Since you died, this is the second Mother's Day that has come around.Since March of 2013, peace and tranquility aren't things that I've found.You were one of the greatest mothers who ever lived.
Slow, cringed movements Small breaths, rapid Sapped, every ounce of strength, gone Sun is beating down, blaring hot Sweat drips off of my forehead
If I was on a stranded on an island, All I’d need would be... The devotion of my father, His fatherly impulse to keep me safe never was a bother
Within, there must be that voice...The one to push you to succeed.For me, it tells me that all is okay,And I need to prepare for what I may see.  
I am dedicated and motivatedI wonder what the world could becomeI hear music when I see something rightI see a bright futureI want to make everyone's life betterI am dedicated and motivated.
I will wake up early, collect my books, and swing my computer bag over my shoulder.   I will open my locker, shove my book on the top shelve, and drink my coffee on the way to class.  
Influence was imminent. Inspiration was infinite. Fun, love, bonds, ties, cries. Games, hugs, secrets, thruth, lies. Support and morals drilled in my head. Look up to a roof, come home to a bed.
In the days of our childhood,
small to tall, through it all, never saw one flaw, as my grandfather taught me the morals and wisdom of it all, showed me the ropes and how to have hope, he had dedication an legislation to watch me keep on,
If you hadn't died, today you would've become sixty-seven.But God called you home and you're with him in Heaven.Because of your bad infection, you had an aneurysm and couldn't be healed.
If you hadn't died, today you would've become sixty-six.Your death has proved that a broken heart isn't easy to fix.On the day of your death, I knew that I would loathe the year 2013.
If you hadn't died in March, you would've turned 65 today.Life hasn't been as good since you passed away.Everybody who knew you, knew that you were nice.But I took things for granted and now I'm paying the price.
You were born in December of 1975.It's a shame that you didn't survive.You were a great actress, one of the very best.It's not surprising that you became a success.
It was a fact that you were sweet and that you were very cute.You were adorable, that's something that people won't dispute.While you were eating lunch in the MGM Commissary, you were discovered.
You died at the young age of twelve in 1988.Your death was something everybody would hate.You died of Cardiac Arrest that was caused by Intestinal Stenosis.You were a very pretty and talented girl, everybody knows thia.
You were always number one, never number two.I'm your son and I was very fortunate to have you.You cared more about others than you did for yourself and that is rare.
My life would be so much better if you hadn't become sick and died.You were a wonderful person because love was what you supplied.My life would be so much better if you had gotten well.
Even though you've been dead for two years, I still miss you terribly.While you were alive, I meant a lot to you and you meant a lot to me.You were an excellent mother and that is certainly true.
Something terrible has happened to the entire world, we've lost Christopher Lee.He was Count Dracula and he was also Saruman in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
When Mom died, life lost a lot of its luster.While she lived, everybody could trust her.Everybody could trust her because she was so good.She was wonderful, she helped everybody who she could.
On December 2004 I became a big brotherTherefore, I had to start helping my mother.
The sun rises and the moon hides, alarms sound and roll to bedsides
Its so easy to lose the meaning of who you are
I look in the mirror and what do I see? A young lady, matter of fact, a young woman that wants nothing but to succeed. Succeed as a collegiate athlete, Succeed as a college student,
Dedicate to wake up, Dedicate to run twice a day, Dedicate to recover, Dedicate to do it all over again the next day.
I am wild. I am spectacular. I am wildly passionate. I am jealous. I am human. I do dumb things. I make a fool of myself. I have a wondering and imaginative mind, I only see the good in people and I'm infatuated with the idea of love. 
Without a filter I'm just a kid, Without a father and a mother in prison, I've seen some things that you'll never see, Things that make small children scream, But what you can never see,
I'm have many good traits, I'm "flawless"  But people only watch for the bad traits regardless Similar to a pacifist, I'd probably go outside and help someone after this I'm benevolent, a GOD sent 
They say when you want something, You’ll do anything to get it. They say if you try hard enough, You are bound to get it.  
I can rhyme words without a rhythmbut as soon as I try, I lose the feeling.So I’ve learned to let them flow,let ‘em rolloff my tongue - or in this case my pen -
she is nothing  she is nowhere she is confused she has been told who to be her whole life she has no idea who she is she has been........ Beat
A year and a half ago, Mom went to be with the Lord.She entered the Pearly Gates, Heaven is her reward.She was born in 1948 and died sixty-four and a half years later.
Your fingers tell the soft story to my skin. A cautious, caring narrative. Woven on spot, etched on my flesh. Your lips sing the song of Angels. Every motion is a swoon birds envy.
Beauty is a state of mind what state you livin' in? when shawty broke my heart you were the one that mended it back together I never thought it'd be me and you
I will not be defined by what size I wear I am not fat I am thick 
I am not a fool I'm only himan And I'm bound to make mistakes Understand I've always had what it takes What it takes to love you And what it takes to stay with you Yeah I might have been hurt
  It was an instant goodbye I began to cry I lost a friend  Oh Dear God, why?  
I left my house, a night, now long past
I want it I really do. It is just really hard. I do it because I have to. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. It hopes of one day obtaining what I need. I tell everyone that I will succeed.
The animals are crying for a man named Steve; It's just so hard for all to believe. That something so precious has been taken away; He impacted all life on Earth in his short stay.
One last shot I use to say
Vivid lights beam down from a ceiling housing thousands of cheering fans. Cheekbones corrupted with smiles give way, some hidden by active hands. A beating heart within, so eager to emerge from the cage that condemns it so
The ability to touch the sky Fly with the birds the angels A dream of all the flight To fly one must innovate improve Try Try Try Until at last takeoff is achieved
Growing up I never noticed that I was different. 
I dreamed of being a super hero To have my name in the headlines every day Reality crushed my dreams when I was just seven  I had to accept that I was never going to wake up with super powers
Questions everyday What you're how old? How did you even get here, your a baby? Omg! You're a baby, my little sister/brother is your age. You should not be here, go back to highschool where you belong.  
I'm not passionate. I'm not frenzied. I am Dedicated. For all those who say they are passioante,      they don't truly know what it means to be dedicated.
Life changes in the blink of an eye One day you're here  The next you're there So what if that all changed  What if your dream came true? The dream of owning a store
Hard Work             Drive through flames             Face the endless nights             Burn doubt and all else             Arise higher than the sun            
People dedicating themselves wholly to an ideal Accepting a way of life that is almost surreal Submitting their transient needs for something greater Solving problems on coffee, feeling like a martyr
You're that gleam I see in the dark,  You stand in the corner And shine in my eyes,  There's no better light To a better path... You're the answer, And you're the want Everything I desire 
Blood boiling in my veins, body becomes rigid and cold, saying goodbye to the old, when I awaken you see the heart that was taken, peer into my lifeless body numb and still, look into my dead eyes that once held what feeling I felt, now washed aw
You smile. You frown. You laugh. You cry. Am I doing it right? Through those tear-filled eyes, I see how you really feel about me. Disappointment. Distress. Depression.
How do you know what to choose From all the options thrown at you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? It's all up to you.   For everything that you're worth,
Time winds down. Tick. Tock. Crunch time, ten seconds on the clock. Pass the ball then take the shot. Swish! Autographs in the parking lot.  Everyone sees all the smiles and cheers,
Hours after hours of rehearsal countless late weekend nights at the studio and a lifetime’s worth of bobby pins, dance shoes, and ripped tights. All for the next two and a half minutes.
To be considered great at something, you need experience To be considered smart about something, you need experience To be considered successful with something, you need experience.  
  Full circle Press forward, harder, stronger…show ’em what you’re made of. Prick your finger – blood.  You are human, Alive.   Harness the light, Grasp it, hold it…be one with it.
I write to express my courageous spirit The way I fight to cling to life The way I fight for my success in life  Even though the odds are always pinned  against me   Still I choose to fight the good fight
life is music love is our song and i found my heart  where love belongs and we had a bong that was really strong thought you could never do me wrong but a couple times you've proved me wrong
The traitors of the past were never washed away They have procreated and created the haters of today They continue to feed of negativity And deter you from accomplishing any relative impossibility
“Empacó un par de camisas, un sombrero Su vocación de aventurero, seis consejos, siete fotos Mil recuerdos”
Curse Thee! Black juggernaut of sorrow and pain, Planning such a cruel act of evil, genocide. Its slaughter soon shall be greater than Hitler's For the juggernaut strikes every race with hate.
She's the devil He's never done anything wrong. She cuts her wrist and watches the blood. He helps the sick They go to the same school Stuck in different worlds They both want out
He has all these opportunities but does he see the things he needs? Does he know the love he shares is worth a lot more than he can compare?
Society stalks me, A spectre of the REM world, Like Krueger…it creeps up on me, Only this time…I know I won’t wake up. My life is a terrible secret, trapped inside Pandora’s Box.
A person is as good as their inner image. One should never be judged for the way that they look. Every individual has the right to be looked at by their talents, and the way they treat others.
Mental manipulations manipulate your mind, while you are a sitting empty crack. A treasured wrapper, unwrapped and tossed after being sucked of whatever treasures you have inside.
The sun rose as pain awoke The sea in my eyes caused me to look demented Facts were meant to be faced on ones own But Reality force fed me the gossip of Life How does one ignore Reality? Life?
Jerome "Jerry" Armstrong A Fighter Not only in war But in life Fun, Loving, Caring too. You are a role model
Marie. Mary. Saint Mary. Saint Mary, Star of the Sea. My Marie. My Mother of Mothers. I stepped out of the shower scooping up your pink towel. And simply stood.
~man of the hour i waited way too long met women that should be strong but he left and did her wrong but baby here i am the man of the hour the one to give you power you see, im here however
I've seen a lot of things i thought i'd never have to see we've hoped for many things that are just so far out of reach
A dancer delicately flutters, Tiptoes, Pirouettes along the fibers in my mind, Still suspended in the limbo of REM, dreaming and lusting to put power to words. Match the brunt force and desire.
You hear the waves pounding on the rocks... You know if you get caught in it you'll die immediately but there's no going back.
There are a lot of people that Fear what they don't know, The questions then turn into aggressions leaving them stuck in a hatred zone. Why must people fear the original and the different?
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