Refuse to Lose

Slow, cringed movements

Small breaths, rapid

Sapped, every ounce of

strength, gone

Sun is beating down, blaring hot

Sweat drips off of my forehead


Determination, dedication, devotion

make me keep going,

pushing for power,

struggling for strength,

gasping for a grasp

of oxygen



The bat crushed the ball into pieces,

A bomb straight in the right-center gap

Searching for power to run,

I break towards the ball,

praying for a catch.


I am a gazelle.

Racing the ball to the fence.

I’m thinking,

I can’t let down my defence.

This ball is going over,

I just know it


My plan of running through the fence,

turned into jumping over the fence.

My feet spring up,

like a kangaroo.

I can’t let down my team,

or else they will scream.


Flying through the air,

I stretch my noodle arm as far as it can reach.

Before it breaks in half,

The snow hits the tip of the cone.

I snow cone the ball in my glove

as I fall over the netted fence.


I don’t land on my feet,

of course,

but I clasp the ball in my glove

as tight as I can.

Choking the ball in my glove,

I get up on my feet.


I hold up the ball in my glove,

like the statue of liberty.

Teammates, fans, coaches

all cheering with excitement.

The ump calls,


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