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He has all these opportunities but does he see the things he needs? Does he know the love he shares is worth a lot more than he can compare? How do you make someone know what they’re worth if they cannot see themselves, if they cannot see past the fogged up glass? What more do you do if you know you can’t motivate or initiate something that could be so great? Where’s the conversation and moderation? Where’s the inspiration and creation? I believe in he, I believe in the he who can make me believe in me. But does he see the he he can be? Does he see me? Do you just let him be? What if he can change the world? You can’t just let him go on knowing what he could do; it’s not love if you can’t show him all he should do. Which brings us to this question, do you love him? Can you say you’d do anything for him? If you can’t believe in him what else is there? There’s nothing worth it that compares. Its love that reigns over all things great, its love that is honest and somewhat irate. But love that pushes all great men which in-turn pushes his woman. So with these opportunities that he can’t see but that he needs, push him because you love him, open up his inner self, know him through every depth. Don’t be afraid, fear is not transcendent. Just remember to realize your good intent. Don’t let him break before he bends. Show him all the things he could have. It’s he who I know I love; it’s he who ultimately holds my heart. It’s he who should want to be the he he can be, if not for him than for me.


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