Boiling Blood


North Little Rock
United States

Blood boiling in my veins, body becomes rigid and cold, saying goodbye to the old, when I awaken you see the heart that was taken, peer into my lifeless body numb and still, look into my dead eyes that once held what feeling I felt, now washed away from the pain you made me feel, now I see what;s real, your actions are your disguise of who you really are, never were you apart of me, once you were someone now your no one, you have no heart, no life, no smile, your a piece of a big mistake needless to say your going to break, soon enough you will reap what you sew, things that will fall where they maym but you will get your day when it all comes crashing down all around you, no heart, no life, no beat will repeat what you have taken and stole from me


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