The Fiction That Was Anything But

He has been with me since me since my earliest grade

My fondness of him will never fade

Whenever I would reach my darkest day

I knew the smile on his face would always stay

He inspired me to never stop chasing my dreams

By always chasing his when life was decaying at the seams

Hokage was the ultimate goal

Even though a demon was inside his soul

The life of a ninja is dangerous indeed

No matter the challenge he would proceed 

His story is many times darker than mine

But with each other we were always just fine

Such is nature the end is what comes for all

His story has concluded but I will forever recall

The name Naruto Uzumaki, the Hokage that protected his friends

The one who was just pretend

Impacted the life of mine that is certainly real

And showed me a lot about this spinning wheel

That we call life 


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