Fantasy of Fracturing My Constraints

The future follows behind me with a stern look and a jagged plea

As competition constantly stares back at me.

In the past year I battled the fists of friend crusades

Because of the stabs of pending test grades.


A constant battle between what friends want and what I need

Solely with their interests indeed.

Still, I continued to travel through my textbooks with lingering hope

And found the ability to cope.


As reality began to set and the high-school hike inclined

My thighs burned with my dream college in mind.

Chopin Script typography comforted me during sleepless nights

While the pencil and paper argued with twinkling lights.


My artistic passion kept my eyes open and my inspiration buzzing

But uncertainty kept my persistent confidence from bluffing.

I tucked in my fears and bid my dear prudence goodnight

And pressed submit on the Common App site.


I waited with uncertainty and bitten fingernails at my side

If worst comes to worst, it was all worth the try.

My brother stared at the letter with sparkling eyes and disbelief

And I began to feel the purifying rush of utter relief.


Tears poured and my screams echoed throughout the house

All while my hibernating pride began to rouse.

Savannah College of Arts and Design chose me

And I would finally begin my graphic design journey.


Reality started to set and the lingering clouds began to dull

As I realized the strings my parents would have to pull.

So here I am in 2017 with hope and desperation

Writing a poem for a possible donation.



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