Flawed Perfectionist


I look in the mirror and what do I see?

A young lady, matter of fact, a young woman that wants nothing but to succeed.

Succeed as a collegiate athlete,

Succeed as a college student,

but moreso, succeed in life as a person.

We live in a world full of negative vibes that try to bring me down:

Telling me I wont get far.....

Telling me my dreams are too ambitious.

How do I reply to this?

Do exactly what I was doubted

I will not allow the negativity to affect me like a black cat.

We are all human, meaning failure is inevitable

The dedication I have for the life I WILL achieve is stronger than my fear of failure.

If I put in the work now,

my results will become memorable.

Remaining confident, yet modest, 

is the key to seeing myself as nothing but FLAWLESS....


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