Lost Piece Of My Heart (Ode to Great-Grandmother)


United States
30° 35' 7.3428" N, 96° 42' 23.7276" W

The sun rose as pain awoke
The sea in my eyes caused me to look demented
Facts were meant to be faced on ones own
But Reality force fed me the gossip of Life
How does one ignore Reality? Life?

Great-Grandmother had moved on
Moved on while in need of seeing me
Years I'd been absent
Years she'd missed me and I of her
Almighty above proved my heart that her departure was truly a fear born reality
No good-bye..
No hug..
No "I love you"..
Just an empty room in which pain made me speak
And simulate the echo was her ingenuous voice
Only to yet again receive a bullying from Reality
To see she was gone
Sorrow cautiously shut my body down like a virus
She lay in her slumber before my eyes
The sea in my eyes began to sting with such excruciating pain

The sun set as pain degraded and recovery took over
I lay in bed with an incomplete heart
One piece laid with me
Longing to be adopted
Seeking to be taken away from Loneliness
The other laid with Great-Grandmother
To stay with her forever more



This poem is dedicated to my deceased great grandmother. I love you Big Momma.

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