Waiting For the Bee


United States
28° 16' 7.4064" N, 81° 8' 30.0084" W

A dancer delicately flutters,
Pirouettes along the fibers in my mind,
Still suspended in the limbo of REM,
dreaming and lusting to put power to words.
Match the brunt force and desire.
The need with the graceful Tongue
that escorts sweet nothings to the Ear.

Hear Me.

Escape is impossible,
unwaveringly nonexistent.
Though the gentle Lilac seeks not escape,
She yearns for touch,
offers her nectar
to an absent minded, apathetic bee
who, secretly planning his approach,
stays a day and remembers a lifetime.

But this time, he cannot,
will not, want not
depart from under the glorious sun,
his place of fauna among flora.
The hierarchy of admiration
though nevertheless astonishingly
that favors him.

Sharp needle prick and he is torn.
His mission, his destination, his home
and his heart do not correspond.
And he and his lover
leave the sanctity together, eternal.



Believe it or not, there is a life behind the poem. This life just happens to be mine.
I don't write poetry for school or for assignments. I don't even write poetry for scholarships. I was lucky to discover this scholarship opportunity, as it gives me a chance to show some people a hidden passion I've been working on for many years. My friends don't know I write poetry and my family surely doesn't know. My poems are the only things that come truly from my heart and they're the only way I can talk about some of the serious problems occurring in my life and the only way I feel comfortable expressing my true thoughts. They're all based off of my own life, or what I think of my own life and what's going on currently at the moment.

Overall, I just hope you enjoy them. That's my biggest goal for starting to share my works with people.


I wish I can give this poem a comment it is worthy of, but I am afraid I can only offer what I am capable of. This poem is lovely and truly filled with imagery. Thank you so much this piece as well as using Power Poetry to share your work. I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Becca.


This is beautiful. The way you included these beautiful instances of imagery along with how you laced them together where everything flowed together is respectable. I really like this poem. Plus, you use punctuation!Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if someone has a typo in their work, but I have seen some not-so-great poems on here that did not have any sense of grammar or spelling whatsoever. I respect this poem.

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