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Wings of clouds, sail souls to see, seas of stars, Like happy children,  aura lifts lofty hearts from scars,
My soul is blanketed in the stars. I found pure glow, From my Earth’s soul; My heart loved it there.
Days are booked for awe where deepest desires spoon and fork One hurts your peace sweet racing heart glacing moan of yearning The other hurts what you love from films of thrilling affairs
What does your soul look like? Most would say I don't know But I know what my soul looks like Changing along the journey Embracing in beauty My soul What a time Lost in lost instrument
I changed you for better You changed me for worse I was your Karma And you were my curse I can search but never find the reason why our souls are attached nor why I can't get rid of you
Sleep evades me; My dreams propel me To a greaeter unknown   Through all I've excelled From the place from whence I came To the road I will travel. - A wandering soul
I love you, With this Life. You will be my Wife   I will continually try, Please, do not cry. I will always Love you, & This is True   Even after I die
How can I tell you I love you? How many ways can I make it known to you? I love you as one would love someone who deserves more than just my love.
Of course the stars have inquired and required  so many thoughts and actions toward them. The stars ask us  in whispers to notice them  every night. The stars above see us below
The knife in our backs The memories revived I see it all When he plunged it in my soul.   How cruel was he,  Listening to me complain As the soul I was allegiant to 
A little girl or boy, an innocent child of barely any age.You had a life ahead of you, some would be police officers, some would be nurses,Some would be musicians, and others teachers.Your life was taken, taken away. 
Make a noise and make it loud Be black and proud Young black men and young black women Make a noise and let your voice be heard And the world will see how strong we are Wear your hair long and wear it down
Loneliness lusts for souls like mine Hopefulness hides in souls like yours I am weathered and withered, weary and worn My soul's the night, but yours is the morn.
  I’m living with this unholy farce Hidden so high away in the sky Where the birds soar Above our heads   Many maniacs have acted before me
As I stand in the sunshine in the garden by the little shrine, My Nonna’s little shrine of humble fig trees, And look at the vast blue sky,
I've traveled the map of you -
I remember a little about  that cousin in Rikers I remember a little about  each relationship
Crashing down,falling hardBroken dreams, broken heartI guess I'm not really sure where to startPicking up after your goneWide awake at night, listening to our old songs
Reign Knee Daze(Rainy Days)
My life is miserable like yours
I wanted to tell you how I feel, But I don't want you to run away; For the ones who I care for and love the most
If you dusted my skin for fingerprints you would find a multitude of people have touched me in all of the most
I used to be different The world was brighter I always had a smile  Nothing could bring me down
People from across the globe fall in love from house to house or thousand of miles away Never meeting except online what if you met that person face to face would all those feeling come flooding back
in this moment, I did die. the smile on your lips. the soft touch of your skin. the twinkle in your eye. in this moment, I could die. the sound of your breathing. the rhythm of your heart beating.
Look Here N, You stole me Yes for the very first time someone has stolen me in years But please know I’m very fragile and have high self-esteem And unlike the body I live in I don’t have any fears
Am I wrong to think about you like this? Will I open up your skies? You would say no and walk away pissed But you know I know I hear your cries We have the same heart same beat
I think that is a good question C+N? Will it ever work while I hurt and think about you Knowing that the love I have for you might be true But it doesn’t come back to me boo I guess I’ve lost the argument
Remember when you used to say that you wanted t
The name N goes so far He really does he’s like Jafar Giving him promise, my times, and even my attention It’s like he’s got full dominance Beautiful green eyes like emerald seas
I hope you think of meas you are flicking through old moviesas you are kissing lips thinnerfar thinner than my ownas you are hearing words that triggerpast text messages exchanged
once i love you it can't be changed no matter what the out come is me  and you R one forever
loving you isn't the hardest part lossing you is the worst part but not being able to see you feel you love  you this hurts me the most      
A sweet glow follows his every glance, My seductive love heats the land.  While we spin around enjoyuing the dance,  My love travels the world holding my hand.  Bringing cheer to fauna and flora, 
I opened up my narrow sighted mind In hopes that it was you that I find with my luck the sun will not shine you continue to give me no signs   the rain pouring down it hurts my ears 
Two broken souls, Lost at sea, Will find each other, When it’s meant to be. But for now, They search and search For a love that burns bright. They look at the same sky,
Embrace My Love. Inhale my Spirit and Immerse My Soul. Let My life Explode Into Amillion Pieces. Let My Pain be Consoled. Drown In My Sins Until Evil Releases. As I am a Dove As for you Is A Crane.
You know they say gay marriage is not happening ! But if you wear two of the same socks or shoes. Then you matching it. In if you wear two different colors then you mixmatchin.
Do you know what that emptiness feels like Inside? When Knots in your Stomach Ties. Do you know what it feels like when your smile hides? Do you know what the coner feels likes when theres no one behind?
The Man who shot is not the name to rememberWhen horror came to the fourteenth of December
Colors begin to fade. Hands begin to lose feeling from the tight grip. The walls begin to cave. Clothes are being ripped. Theres no light just shade. The room begins to spin. Tears roll down her face.
I wish I was special, But Im Just Different. I wish I Was A Gift, But im just a Present. I Wish I was a Blessin, But Im Just blessed. I wish I could Fly, But instead I can Walk.
You've move on now and I respect you I will never come between the 2 . But when I said I Love You I commited my heart to you. My souls crys for you . My heart whispers to you.
If you could Place your arms on someone for the last time, would you just hold me? If you could walk anywhere in the world you wanted, would you walk out my life?
I live in the darkness I can hear the blades get sharpened i am cold and wet All i have is this carpet, which i use as a blanket I do what i'm told and my stomach is still flat
I was a broken child from a broken home, But now im Becoming A women being put back together. Im Not Alone, I Walk With My Dreams And Live With My Fears,
Who said autumn leaves fall to their death? I think they cover the ground with their beauty, Like colorful souls bestowing their love On the gray roads of rock below. Who said just because your heart is beating
Who said autumn leaves fall to their death? I think they cover the ground with their beauty, Like colorful souls bestowing their love On the gray roads of rock below. Who said just because your heart is beating
Behind every white wall there's a black shadow of guilt and thall sinI cry in poverty I cry for peace & harmony I lye upon honestyI have no dignity, no face no heart and no soul
Disorted Hatered, I Put Myself Above No Other, Racism, Racism I'm Seeing All These Faces Faces But I See No Color, I Can't Even Place It.
When we kiss its all in your lips. That the world is just spining around. When I open my eyes its right there in your perfect eyes I see the world. I feel myself slowly levitating.
Embrace my love. Inhale my Spirit & Immerse my soul. Let my life explode into amillion pieces. Let my pain be consoled. Drown in my sins until evil releases. As I am a dove as for you is a crane.
Make love to my open wounds. Kiss my stitches. Lick my scars. Put your spirit inside mine. Share my soul, feel my touch so vital,. so cold, breath my air, feel the rush.
Follow me into the Dark. Follow me into my World, Where it is so cold that even my heart is frost bit. Follow me onto this Road where all the secrets lie and you'll drown in your fears in beg for life.
It seems like an eternity ago that our flames burned as one I cannot recall the memories I crave so badly that your heart etched in my memory Your scent no longer lingers around me trying to entice me
When I am left alone I feel as though i'm fake. A clay sculpture that can't live a mistake no one can fix. What it has done to love, a wound never being healed, only getting worse,
Hearts beat like a drum Soft and low, high and fast.   Sometimes we beat as one, And sometimes we beat alone.   LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft. LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft.
See girl I just want to take a peek into your nature,and I know you got a man baby so I ain't gone be no hater...but I just ex
Inspiration is a way of telling our sorry tales of when we lost hope and gained it back. A way to show everyone and everything that there was a day the pain resided and was left to hang in the air.
People mindlessly wandering around their souls never found. Where the ocean meets the shore,  is where these souls adore. Young children and adults alike, never alive to see this night.
you took an eraser to my heart and now all that's left are the words you painted with every sweet sentence. 
The sun has blackenened,and the orbs of light show theirselves.Outside we wait for long moments, with only eachother and the presence of our mouths.
On December 14, 2012, Olivia Rose Engel, 6, left Sandy Hook Elementary school and joined the angels in Heaven. Reason for Return April 7th, 2013
It’s a barren cold winter Frozen and cracked across the surface Our breath stops in the air above us Our breath leaves us and huddles together in frigid air
Days pass and days end Glancing at the sun His beam, his hand of help Lighting our path for the day ahead
The sun arose as usual, bringing with it the pattering of small shoes followed by the clacking of heels down wooden corridors, to colorful rooms, for another day of learning.
Loud noises Busy people Walk through the doors, greet the silence Sweet remembrance Solitude divine Murmuring of mem'ries fills each room
The windows to my soul are tinted They say that my soul is vintage I always thought my life was of very little interest I chase shadows in a pitch black room just to smile So much love for things that are so simple
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