Vintage Painted Souls

The windows to my soul are tinted
They say that my soul is vintage
I always thought my life was of very little interest
I chase shadows in a pitch black room just to smile
So much love for things that are so simple
So much love and pent up passion
But I can't seem to bottle this attraction to fatal actions
Temptation mistaken for opportunities
I got a devil on each shoulder trying to ruin me
I'm chasing dreams while nightmares are pursuing me
Hating my empathy for the world and blaming it on continuity

They told me your soul was tainted
I just thought your soul painted a beautiful shade of mystery known as dawn
They would call your spirit savage and have it contorted and compacted into this civil form
Your eyes amygdaliform and feminine inside them hidden massages
Confessions written in the flesh of your inner monsters appendages
To them forgiveness is beautiful
But to you vengeance is
They look at you and say, "There goes the broken girl."
I look with my third eye and see the soft spoken girl


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