Souls became

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 01:55 -- Kristyn

What does your soul look like?
Most would say I don't know
But I know what my soul looks like
Changing along the journey
Embracing in beauty
My soul
What a time
Lost in lost instrument
Balance beam
Trusting within oneself
Elevating and rising
Growing wild fields
The wild doesn't belong in caged
Well behaved
Back in long lost pages of thrown away soul
Liquid poetry
Deliquet time saved
Adjusting waves
Word place
Backward trance
Cooking and dancing
Grooving and stirring
Diamonds and gold
Sunlight in Pixilation
Motivating sounds
Another demintion
Aligned Centuries of knowledge
Peeled broken neon light found
Water recycled sprayers
Power of truth
The power broken through grown in first warmth
Trees exchange
Deeper in the woods colder it goes
Trandsending into new states
Training new strengths
Levels of manifestations

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