Hearts Beat like a Drum


Hearts beat like a drum

Soft and low, high and fast.


Sometimes we beat as one,

And sometimes we beat alone.


LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft.

LOUD! LOUD! Soft. Soft.

That is the way a drum is played,

That is the way a heart beats.


A mess up, a small mistake, a missed note

Natural but brings noisy and ugly sounds to the song.

Deadly mistakes.


Two separate drums,

Two separate notes,

Two separate lives.


It is now time for the solo

With a soft backbeat ever so gently there

Leading the soloist on.


The soloist softens,

They come together again


Others join in.

The finale comes,

Loud and lively.


There is silence after the end.

A different player rises,

Clacks their drumsticks and

A new song, a new story



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