A Shining Soul


United States
35° 54' 40.6944" N, 83° 52' 6.6252" W

The sun arose as usual,
bringing with it the pattering of small shoes
followed by the clacking of heels
down wooden corridors,
to colorful rooms,
for another day of learning.

What the coming of the day failed to foretell
was the approach of a man,
an intruder on the grounds,
who meant only harm,
only destruction of purity.

The air was peppered with violence,
innocence assaulted by his hate,
as howls and screeches flew from mouths,
while small souls were herded
into hidden places.

One room appeared vacant from the outside,
all crafts and papers abandoned,
but a closet in the back wall
contained within it many young souls,
and one soul flaming with valor.

This bright soul radiated calm
in the midst of the rising turmoil,
huddling over the frightened souls
as a mother bird does her young
when the clouds bellow angry roars.

Minutes stretched to weeks, which grew to years
as they remained clustered in the cramped confines
until the threat finally ceased,
leaving behind cries of mourning
as tiny souls traveled beyond.

The closet doors burst open,
as the shining soul lead the way
into the world now void of peace
with souls still at home in small bodies
following closely behind.

All were greeted with tearful embraces,
while gratitude and relief showered down
as the courageous soul who protected the little souls
delivered them to awaiting arms
and praised the heavens for this salvation.


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