Island of Love

Mon, 06/20/2022 - 13:21 -- Creator

Days are booked for awe where deepest desires spoon and fork

One hurts your peace sweet racing heart glacing moan of yearning

The other hurts what you love from films of thrilling affairs

There in a world where time is inspired by high-power eyes

There where time has lost its patience in duets of insufficiency 


During activation of anticipating dream of touring bosoms

On scents of trapped visibility and invisibility

Seven in a shot of short threes as trees in fantasies of their soils

Sole days tap paradise hitting towns of reset souls

Sails of time with the celestial tender lanes of flashing eyes.


Down willing hold of old sugars and new creamy details

Owning one walk for life long-lived only to begin with hash strings 

Each clock embraces perception of blooming morning

Every night of favour of stars and affection of the moon

Even East turning in two traces trekking mutual soils.


Dates like people, up for reputation of roses, touch, and intoxication 

One strung for young springs in dew of deep truths 

Day by day I swim in the sea of lonely people 

Daring darling puzzling pieces of thousands of arts of love 

Done in critique of ratios of good times in ununderstandable days.


Depths bury me deep in the Universe you hide

Only in middle of fathoms to phantom each island of Love 

I know where dreams head for the crows of crowds 

In every street filling lonely hearts to the brim painting rosy cheeks

Inns of promises tap keys of alpha heads.


Duplicate footsteps lead simple seas of reflections

Oh, beyond colours of skins, scents of vision

Love melts icy souls to awe of lovers of lost time

Lost in shaken spaced beats, I drank darkness out of plastic mugs 

Love in the moon's brain beams for right reasons beyond kisses.


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