Two Souls & One Half

Wed, 01/08/2014 - 13:11 -- King_G

See girl I just want to take a peek into your nature,and I know you got a man baby so I ain't gone be no hater...but I just explore the thought of me being with you,and all the freaky things I know we would do. But it's not  about that I just want to treat you like a queen,and show you some things you never even seen, and be there for you when your in need,and be that strength for you when ever you feel weak. See this is only the beginning of the visions that I see,me and you could be to infinity,and beyond what the  vision will allow us to see,and deeper than what the heart will allow us to believe..... And Girl I feel you in my spirit too,and late at night when I lay lifeless I dream about you. Although our souls have yet to meet I see you being the one to change everything that I believe, and I'm not talking like spiritually I'm talking everything that's wrong with-in me. As a man,as a person, and as an overall human being. See I try and fall back asleep, just to feel the illusion of you touching me, and the taste of your sweet, I mean the experience you just wouldn't believe. one so distant yet so close, one who I fiend yet she belongs to some some other man....damn...two souls and one half


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