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Whispers Mock My Uncertain Path.The Path That Was Set Out Soley For Me Seems To Be Soo Darn Far.Uncertainity Is Rather An Understatement Bewildered Seems More Fit.How Will I Know It Is Mine To Trod ? When Will I Know When I Finally Reach The One ?
For All of Us All of us Not just one of us But each of us. Is but a tiny droplet on the face of this world.
For All of Us All of us Not just one of us But each of us. Is but a tiny droplet on the face of this world.
The maple seed hangs tight against the wind But a gust comes through and it can hold no longer It flies, dancing and twirling on the breeze Pirouetting over fields and forests
This empty feeling in my gut Will it ever recede? Or will it get the best of me? We love to sin, they like to lie But will you hide behind them?
sometimes i don’t really know if there’s anyone there downcast, empty, broken i wait for someone someone who may or may not come for me alone i wait
I heard once that when the timing’s just right, there’s this green flash that flares up on the horizon  in the exact second the sun settles on the Pacific. 
Your eyes are soft when I tell you where I am going.  "I'm proud of you," you say, and to me it sounds like heaven.  The words linger on your lips, tasting of ambrosia.
  nothing i am feeling is anything unique to the human experience.   i love you,   but how can you believe me?   you can't know how much i mean it.  
Steam pours from thin shoulders Dimly lit, white tile reflecting moonlight Beams hit my skin Slowly, ever so gentle, Revealing to me a world both unknown and a truth that scalds 
I feel addiction grasping me, It has been for years,  Always in different forms.                                         I cannot handle that.    I want to die, Not to leave, 
Days grow longer, nights colder; Everything seems to change. Yet, there’s still me- I’m unchanging. Same face, same clothes, same friends, same creation.
Days grow longer, nights colder; Everything seems to change. Yet, there’s still me- I’m unchanging. Same face, same clothes, same friends, same creation.
I keep on spiraling again. Veins palpitate, aching like the Desire of an obsessive Heartbeat. Perpetuations of the future abyss, Ceaseless paths and choices do so Remind me of
Uncertainty is an illusion. And what do I do When I am uncertain of you.  
I exist In the subtle rhythms The periphery of perception In gentle sea breezes And silky laughter  In the dance of falling leaves And dreams I lust after. I construct my reality
I grow up faster,  Darkness chases the blind man; I must glow brighter.
Syllable after syllable... Love flows from a desperate heart Into the crisp, tense atmosphere. Rivers could not compare. The chains disintegrate; Ash flies to the nearest patch of crumpled soil;
Let me panic and search for my purpose To which so many work to seek and find 
The dark corner and the deep sea The high sky and who I should be The uncertainty creeps in As the lights begin to dim What is hiding in those shadows?
My eyes are met with a thousand worlds And I marvel in front of many possibilities, But I can't choose. I cannot find my words. And so the strings are pulled by other entities.  
Hey there Adolescent! Is life not making Sense? Any sense? Are you trying,  And still need consent? Have you been Devoted, Then Demoted? Yet tried your  Best?
Dear Uncertainty,   Maybe life will turn out good. I'll be content and have withstood all of life's roadblocks, knock on wood.
Dear Love of My Life.   You have my heart yet not my name You have my love but not yet gained  
“I’ll make it,” I say As I am five feet deep in a pool of my problems I am not sure of myself   I cling to the wall Breathing doesn’t come easy “You will make it,” you say  
Having a crush will typically usher lighthearted feelings Yet I dread the possibility of fading from your memory like a rose that withers a little too fast
Wanting what you can’t have Enough to drive you crazy Feelings getting stronger And now it’s scary Fear of rejection Show remorse When I ask if you want this When I go for the last kiss
I can never know just what will happen With my hour, my day, my year, my life All uncertain, unknown. My mind lost in Thought, about if I’ll hold a surgical knife
We are in need of peace Senseless acts of corruption sadly appear everywhere Lives are sadly lost That my friends is clear Families are in a state of uncertainty As they stand near the gate
the road of failure is painted in the color of hope and leads to the jagged cliff where my dreams jumped.   the road back home is brightly lit and leads to a state of
“You’re good at being you”Why does that make my heartStop “You’re so extra”Why does that warm my cheeks I’m garbage“At least you’re hot garbage”This shouldn’t tie my affections to you
Uncertainty is  my enemy,  my mortal dream,  my inconspicuous nightmare, and  my one true love.  Though the clock still chimes every hour,  I cannot will myself to stand upright
You shudder at the thought of me wanting someone else. Yet the thought of you drifting won't quell. Even if you get board of dragging an oar over this water of uncertainty I have faith that you wont jump ship,
the constanants tingle, the vowels vibrate into placenot quite creating the words but leaving in my brain a faint traceI can feel them in my body, they move from my head into my heart
I miss when nights used to drip from the sky. When parties moved in slow motion and we drank with angst and expectation. Everything is so steady now–I’m restless.
“I need some inspiration!” Don’t submit to frustration. “But I feel like I’m falling short.” You will always have support. “Really? From whom?”
Settling downward, the road’s early haze Unable to see height of trees as I gaze The world now shadowy, and dim, and shy Seamless grey stretches across the chilled sky.  
What do you want to do with your life? What is your major? How do you like college? Large family gatherings on breaks   I want to teach.
Each time we kissed felt more passionate than the last, overpowering every molecule that is my body and soul.
Every morning when I wake I question myself, "What now?"   As I lumber out from bed muttering slowly in my jumbled head --what am I supposed to do today?  how should I fix myself?
So I've come to a conclusion, Everything and body is an illusion. Any sense can feel a tense delusion, Not sure what's real-- I feel deep confusion. So open, so crucial  So dangerous, so brutal.
I am scared, even terrified, I keep thinking, Of what they will find inside; And now I am sweating, What if something is wrong, Deep within me.
Nothing in life is ever completely clear. Everything is hidden within a fog or some sort of mist one cannot peer through.
I think I love you. Cause each song on the radio Sounds like your name. When the engine of my mind idles, Thoughts of you casually stroll in.  
There’s this feeling in my chest weighing me down It makes me twiddle my thumbs Bite my lip and shake my leg   Do you ever get a feeling
Born a girl But read a book And now what is she, A he An it? Doesn’t she know the pain he causes others When it Or xe? Decides a thousand things In a single day?  
that’s the problem, I don’t know I’m on a wooden boat being tossed to and fro
Look at this.
I remember the night I spilled between your binding.
Without filters I fear for my mind  and the tricks it plays on itself all the time Without filters in which I see the world My eyes would see opportunity everywhere and not just the beaches,
We all know there comes a day,
Through the cracks I fall, Waiting for the moment of certainty, So I can grab a handhold and regain stability.
It was a drowsy battle that yearned for sleep. The light and the darkness. And I found myself in it. Instigating and terminating its intentions of cruelty. But what if I mistaked its cruelty for consideration?
I tried to forget.But you grew roots around my rib
You're crying ,sick and your pain is so badIf only you would have listen to the plan I hadSaying no to drugs and sex is not a crimeI have said no over a thousand times
The eyes are the first thing that you notice, then comes the whispers and you cannot unnotice this.
A true emptinessis a forsaken goodbye.A missing pieceshields the truth.The only clarityhovers the unknown.The ultimate lightnessis existence.
10101: my home.   A place of beauty, nature, tranquility,   serene.   And yet here we are.   Victims.   Homelessness, poverty, pride, HIV   AIDS.  
Uncomfortable, quiet, something undone.   Ready for nothing, unconfirmed but still tons   of excitement, uncertainty, ready, in wait.   Contradiction, shifting, family, friends.  
Who am I Shaheed Baukman 9/11/2013 You use me every day, causing you to become complacent to my significance
A mask for the task at hand to find success and to be the best to draw peace from a green light in uncertain darkness i have to put up a fight although i know not where i'll land
Can I love? It would be peaceful, like a dove. But I truly doubt I can. I never have before now, So I don’t know how.   Do you love me? Your emotions aren’t quite easy to see.
nuzzle love-bitten guarded girl overlapping legs, fallen asleep together blue glow dark room warm hidden world strong gentle grasp, the trust of the touch on the neck slight suffocation, enough to relax
I'm attracted to mystery I jump into the unknown Assuming that it's good Because it's new.   I want you because you're different You're elusive You're confusing You suprise me 
The first time I met you I thought little of you Now I know you for you I like you It's been eight years since then, I love you   We started as friends then best friends then sisters
Uncertainty that runs through our blood. Future out of our mortal hands. How shall my life go?
People don't listen, they push you down and say you have no voice. You hide in the shadows, wanting to speak but never knowing how. You have an opinion, but they say  it's not allowed,
Being in love is drenching yourself in gasoline and giving the significant other the match and trusting them not to drop it
I wish I chose my words more carefully that night. I take all this time to plan but one can never get ready for this,man. I spoke from the heart instead of my head I forgot that my heart has always been dead.
I like to think of our relationship as a tree that grew with love. But, it was injured as a sapling but it kept growing on our love and we kept placing more pressure on the break.
I missed her for the way she would draw her backward As to the way she would walk with her subtle thighs not saying much to the world but letting me know she's my girl
-You may have broken in. Your thought is within.
-I love how we hide important things from each other and try to live in the moment of pure bliss.
-I think of you when I am weak, I think of you when I am strong, I wonder if you think about me at all.
-I wish you were in my arms where nobody can do you harm. Because we're pretty cool even though you drool.
-Can you really trust me because I can't trust myself. Can I really handle you or do I just put you on the shelf.
-I hate that you make me jealous. I despise that you know how to make me jealous,
-Tourquoiste amber in her eyes open me to a new world where herI alwyas comply. Her shirt toys with and around me tempting are her breasts
-I can see that you're keeping things from me but I don't want to know why it is but eventually I'll wonder if it is my biz.
    We still can't communicate                                              
-You only like me Because I was your first body But your fondness will fade
-When I write you poetry, It makes the poet in me Think of you as the figure of affection
Are you afraid, are you left cold By the thought of our parting, The final separation On that lonely day Somewhere in the distance, The unknowable future that Folds the Now and the Then
Here I stand at the precipice, I gaze off the edge. Into a world uncertain,  into the void ahead. Don't know where I'm going, Only where I'm coming from. Brace myself for the change,
And maybe those pains in your chest aren't heartburn, but the ache that comes from not living up to your own potential,
God, please quiet these conflicting voices inside my head Is one of them yours? It's getting harder to tell. I'm trying to filter them out.   My days and nights are blending together
     Who do you think you are? You think you have power over me, the ability to suppress my creativity and freedom of speech.  
The students Walk down the hallway And toss the  Vagrant's gold On the ground   Meanwhile   The man leans On his broom And eyes humanity With a sordid look
  You captured my heart from the start With your sense of humor you filled my heart Oh but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else
I am convinced thatThese are the days i will remember lookingback and forth between glass,asking what does TruthFeel like?  
A small glimmer dancing over a shoulder Is the only thing battling this darkness A heavy load of anticipation Weighs wearily on my lungs And strangles the air from my throat
Do I dare risk Stepping into the unknown? With warm spring air and flowers To guide me home, Or a dark winter’s night That makes my soul cower? Will the warmth be there one day
Leave me to hate another day.   Where I will be proud to say, You were not only my girl, But the prettiest in the world.   Leave me so I can hate again
Don't tell me it will be alright. That is something that neither of us know. Yes, I have a past-and a challenging one at that- But this is where I'll find my path.
you shadow me with dissonancehaunting lingerlong, slender fingerpointing, trapping the night.i stop, you starebringing a world (a universe) of fright.hunger, beware,off in the distance,
A side-street district sleeps to the beat of the heated city streets Where the dirt on the windows can’t even be seen Where the shades of grey and denizens of the night kick their heels
"End of the River" I can’t see, Please! What’s to be? It’s known, what could, Living in the woods.
There he sits, glaring up at me: I shudder. In wondering the meaning for this strange interaction, haunting memories appear. Now, he is my Paris: with no comparison to my true love, Romeo.
I’m the English nerd Never having enough Shakespeare on hand analyzing movie plots as if they were books wondering if in reality we are just a story with a destiny with some author out there
"You're Special" That's what he said But what you said was      that I have better things      to do with my life But life is meant to be spent       with happiness all around  
Not everyone gets this opportunity      to find someone like you I take it all in; One day at a time But you're always on my mind ¡Oh it's just a first love! But no matter what place it's in It's Love
You make me happy And what's more important         than that It's a fact - happiness makes         the world go 'round That's why I always want         you around me I dont care what they say, 
Tell Me Is this wrong Is this typical      tested, tried, & true It makes me blue      with fear; this tested       tried, & true It feels so right But ...is this wrong
      It’s ice in my heart, the memories now; Deep slices in a once warm soul. Flashes of moments, Words that were spoken. Blue eyes so pale Just like the ocean
Seasonal breeze, please slide in my window, Flow through my hair and take away the pain of cramping fingers. I love my big brain, but with the way it’s being endowed
I came to you one humid spring night You taught me how to appreciate life, because You are death and death is all I see You are tall, dark, violent, endlessly mysterious but blatant with your lies
I had just finished my climactic battle with a cockroach this morning, When I froze to look at the sight of its body in a groove. How poor an incident I have caused, what terrors I ensued?
I am curious, and unsure. I am going on a road and I don’t know where it will go. I have castaway something that people told me to do, for something I feel I may love.
I confide in the lost and being lost. That carrot; being tied to that string, will forever lead me onto this way until that same string becomes frayed and old, just like me.
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