Let Us Focus on Tomorrow


Let's focus on tomorrow,

Wear away the sorrow
In the beginning 
Aren't we all just this
It's not because we can't 
But because we aren't that way,
To sing the graces of everyone
In the morning you will see
The earth has many miracles
If you can't see them you're too small
It was wings we were given after all
Old days and new days give birth to us
The lights fill up the sky and fade into dust
The little birds all sing their songs like rain;
--The sound it makes on  the windowpane,
The voices laughing, calling out praises.
It makes sense to join, my voice raises.
The light gives us a new chance to see
What will and what could ever be
Mornings are for sunshine 
And evenings are just as fine
Can we do tomorrow again
Let's hope and often dream
For none know for certain 
For now at least let it seem
For you the world has many pages
The books are just their iron cages
Release them please and let them go free
For tomorrow we can make new dreams be.
In all this world let wonders fly to every soul;
The mountains echo our names to every one;
Every heart beat in synch, droning as a whole;
And every tear dried by all the rays of the Sun
For now the restless eyes will see sleep once more
The kindhearted souls will meet with their friends
And one last song will sing for you in night's uproar
The world blinks goodnight as the song slowly ends
For now, let us focus on tomorrow.


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