Identity vs. Role Confusion

Hey there Adolescent!

Is life not making


Any sense?

Are you trying, 

And still need consent?

Have you been


Then Demoted?

Yet tried your 


Well listen here,

Life’s a quest.

Hey there Adolescent!

Have you ever tried to be 


You’re not?

Really not?

When others seem like 

Big shots.

Posted up on Instagram, 

Luring all the fans?

While showing,

All the sunny days

With no drop of rain.

But so much to gain.

Well listen here,

You can have all the fans.

And they still not give 

A damn.

That’s why

A leader 

Is never

A decoy.

Hey there Adolescent!

Do you know your heart is not a Toy?

An actual toy?

Since you’ll have to protect


From haters.

Much like gators.

Sometimes snakes. 

You never know who to date?

Until they make your life 

More great.

Hey there Adolescent!

Have you ever been pressured?

Applied pressure?

Made a choice?

A life-changing choice?

And had to learn 

From it?

Or is it too much to stomach?


Leaves you

Full of regret?

Listen here,


Are you getting older? 

Years older?

And wish you’ve had 

Done more?

Or something else?

Well Adolescent,

Do your best.

Take that quest.

Lead and not deceed. 


 So, you won’t be 


And tomorrow 

You can be

the best,

You want 

To be.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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