You've Got A Hold On Me


You captured my heart from the start

With your sense of humor you filled my heart

Oh but I didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone else

But soon age became a number and I stoped having a care


You got a hold on me

Cant get enough of that look you keep giving me

Oh it makes me want to

Kiss you

Hug you

Love you

More and more

Im all yours

I see your face in my heart

And you shine like a star in my eyes always to me

You’ve got a hold on me


The mistake was on both our parts

I said no afraid for my heart

Cuz if you broke me I’d be fractured beyond repair

So I locked my heart up close

And kept that secret to myself


Yet if my heart was full of rain

If I couldn’t stomach pain

If my heart broke even slightest you were there

When you made me want to shout

wanna pull my hair out

I stayed for you

What can I say, you’ve got a hold on me






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