Is this love? Don't be daft

Each time we kissed felt more passionate than the last, overpowering every molecule that is my body and soul. With his hand intertwined with my hair, until slowly but firmly caresses his hand down my spine and tightening his grip so our body's couldn't possibly get closer.
His touch radiated through my skin. I've never felt so much chemistry, so much connection within one person.
Could this be it? Is this what all the books I've ever read are talking about?
How do I know? I think that's the whole thing. You don't.
But when someone touch gives you the most euphoric high of your life, you start to realise, time is no factor of love.

Both of us collapsed on the bed, and his arm wraps over my stomach and pulls me as close to him as possible.
Devouring me whole, leaving none of my being untouched.
He must of noticed my brain swimming around in circles, looking for something negative, something to remind me people aren't sugar and spice and everything nice. 
"Baby, relax. You know I fell in love with you the day that I met you, I've got you." 
Such a sentence sent shivers throughout my body, so sharp it left my stomach punctured.
The idea of him loving me, all of me, set a fire inside alight once again. I could feel myself breaking a sweat, while he ran his fingers through my hair.
"I've heard that before, darling. All of these stories start and end the same, and you'll leave too, just like everyone else.
So please do me a favour, and don't fuel the storm roaring inside me;
Do not ignite the thunder and lightening living beneath my rib cage, if you're not going to be by my side, when the ocean inside me becomes still." I said patiently.
Suddenly the head tickles came to a stop, while he stared at me with such emotion. 
I felt my body quiver, I couldn't tell if he was angry or upset. 
"Darling, I'm prepared for every beautiful disaster you will bring, as I too have survived battles with myself no one else would dare imagine. It would be my pleasure and honour to have you break my heart, if not break, make whole once more.

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