“I’ll make it,” I say

As I am five feet deep in a pool of my problems

I am not sure of myself


I cling to the wall

Breathing doesn’t come easy

“You will make it,” you say


As you explain how to swim through the problems

You have never been more sure of anything

You tell me it’s not a sprint


But to keep the end in sight

My arms are going to ache

And so will my lungs


The turns will leave me spinning for a while

The water will be cold

I will inevitably be disappointed with my time


But I will look to the right

And look to the light

Long enough to breathe, to see


And you will be there

You will not be disappointed

You will not mind the splashes


You will be there

With your hands out to pull me up

Because I made it


And I will

For you

I will


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