Fear Of The Unknown

The dark corner and the deep sea

The high sky and who I should be

The uncertainty creeps in

As the lights begin to dim

What is hiding in those shadows?

Planning to take me to the gallows

Slithering like a snake

To hurt me before I wake

To take me from my home

Or to let their hands roam?

To dump me in the ocean

Where I could die in slow motion

Or swim around to find

Something that's extremely unkind

To sink down below

Where no human could go

Swimming higher is even worse

Reaching for the moon is a curse

To reach for the moon and land among the stars

To drift further all the way to mars?

Staying in this shell

It’s almost like hell

But stepping out of it is scary

It’s not all going to be merry

Being myself is all I want to do

Going out there and to myself staying true

Stepping into the dark I find

That my bedroom stays quite kind

Stepping on a swaying boat

I managed to stay afloat

Jumping from a platform twenty feet high

I land just fine with a sigh

I want to go further into the unknown

To step out of my comfort zone

Writing all my feelings away

To show the world and see what they say

To this dream I cling

And my words i bring

Standing here grinning

I’ll face you and say this is just the beginning


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