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The monster underneath my bed Sang me lullabies in the night Which quickly turned to nightmares And gave me quite a fright!   But as I got older
Twisting and Turning Restless Sleep Does anyone hear, when I weep? Cries are silenced by the night Night is silenced by the fright Fright is emboldened  the memories turning
When I was a child, I made a wish. It was a stupid wish. I didn't wish to have powers or be a hero. or even to be liked. Though i didn't have any of those things either. I had wished to be remembered.
Night after night, I somehow find myself  Closer to you than I have ever felt. The time spent with you seems eternal. I feel as if I know everything about you Even when you don't speak.
What is it about the night that makes people so scraed? Is it because of the fact that they know that if something bad were to happen, they would not be sparred?
Awake in a place I don’t want to be Surrounded by friends and family Endangered by negativity I try to protect my allies I’m too late Couldn’t stop Such a horrible fate Angry with myself
The nightmare that haunts me Whether it’s morning or night Isn’t just a nightmare.   It’s a reminder of my life. Telling me I can never escape.
I am made of memories A collection of recollections bundled up inside a ball of anxiety and fear Someone who wants nothing more than to forget what's wrong with them So much so that the light that escapes cannot be caught
I dreamnt once That the world was ending And my head was spinning Over the thought that you were gone   You were gone And the world was ending  
The dreams I dreamEvil comes every nightI am terrified  The dreams I dream"Possessed rooms"I am terrified  The dreams I dream"Eyes that cry blood"I am terrified  The dreams I dream"Blue devil chases me"I am terrified  The dreams I dreamEvil is eve
I can’t stand these dreams anymore. First, they started as simple nightmares. Now they control my days and my nights. I’m exhausted all while awake, but then dread falling asleep knowing ill be restless and tortured again.
Laughing Jack strikes me down One of my nightmares Pitch Black controls my movements One of my nightmares My ex-boyfriend from Youtube RP finds me in person One of my nightmares But they aren't real
There is a prison Shaped like me It lies empty in my bed   Empty prison Full of dreams Wistful dreams of a mere coinflip   There is a prison Shaped like me It holds me tight
I hear wolves howling in the distance, I see nothing, I hear the hooting of the night owl, I see nothing, I hear the trickling of the creek,
The warm, wet, darkness envelopes my eyes, My breathing slows with each chest fall and rise. Sinking deeper and further into inky black sleep,
No one gets you   You can't see why  
The princess up high in her tower, the monsters are sure to make her cower. Sitting in her room brushing her hair, tearing at her face her skin no longer fair.
I died to sleep Perchance to dream To escape this old world With its horrors yet untold.   But, alas, I stirred For a frightful air Disturbed my slumber Causing me great despair.  
i feel tired at 7:30 (p.m) sometimes i go to bed that early sometimes i stay up to a grand 8:30 exhausted of putting my feelings into jokes
Sleepless Nights Naeha Inapanuri   Those nights. I lay awake All that comes to mind Is everything I ever did wrong.     The demons, 
Imagine a world without hurt, Without pain, loss, or suffering, A world where animals talk and people don’t, In this world, My world,
Dear Sleep, “Sleep,” They told me once But there’s the endless nightmares of my dreams “But it has already been months.” I told them, “Oh so it seems.” “Sleep,” He spoke to me.
A home that becomes your new dark place You can run from it as much as you want But you will always wake up in the same spot The nightmare is not a dream The nightmare is what you wake up to
A brazen force,disturbs the sleep,shatters the tranquility,abandons the rest with easetrying to set itself free,it longs to envelope and capture me.
Bitter Sweet Exhaustion   I wish I would have known I wish I would have known That beauty is a just shapeshifter that turns into the nightmare shown
Chunks of his face fall away.  Her figure of ash disintegrates.  Your breath is toxic.  Don't you see you're a killer?  Stay away.  Stay. Away.  They turn to stone that crushes their life. 
Crooked ladies and shadowed men creep from under my doorViolent screams from my sister's lips Cries for help bleed from my brother All I can do is watch as my f
Night. A living death. In my chest and In my head. Unconcious, I lay in wake. Sifting through my dreams Until you arrive.   I don't know you. We have yet to meet.
I am afraid to close my eyes Hearing the emptiness when I awake Feeling any heart pounding against my ribs lungs constricting to leave me breathless. My head is spinning as I choke down a shriek
Eyes heavy, body trembling, nightmares vast. She's harassed by the forecast of the past. Demons disguised in the form of lovers Until she discovered their true colors. She was used and abused, 
Last night, I could not sleep,All I could see where the things I was sleeping to forget,I woke up, checked my phone: 6:36 AM. I began to weep, My face is pale, I'm breaking out, my cheeks... so wet. 
The monsters aren’t under the bed (They’re in the walls) Creeping from their quiet crypts Milky white complexion and cavernous cheekbones Is this real?
I love sleep. From daydreams to nightmares, I could live in my dreams forever. No matter how vivid those other worlds appear to be, Nor how terrifying the chases are,
It's hard to listen fully To people when they say, "You need a little sleep dear; Your eyes won't be as gray". For how are they to know What sleep does to my mind, How I wake up in a cold sweat,
The sad part is how easy it would be to just give it all up. To forget the work to forget the dream the sweat the blood  the tears.   It is a matter of will they say
I've been having nightmares about you after the sun leaves the sky, Every. Single. Freaking. Night. Telling myself that the info received is dry, would be telling myself a lie: I repeat, my nightmares are not lies.
My favourite dream is about a bus. A bus with a spotless white interior, so clean that I didn't want to move. I was SURROUNDED by people that I knew, but didn't know.  
I'm sleepy. For all the sleep I  Didn't get last night... And the night before that, And the night before that. Your sleeping is my surviving. Your snores are my screams.
In one teardrop, you lose your sense of self. In one teardrop, your heart left me a key. In one teardrop, you take that picture off the shelf.
It's only in my dreams that I say what I mean, because I think too much when I feel too much-- or too little, and I find myself forgetting how to breathe, while I wander aimlessly inside a prison of dream.
Explosion.   Nuclear warfare ignites the city; the meltdown happens far too soon to process.   My eyes flicker open to hospital lights - white sanctuary walls
They never talk about this. They never talk about what happens after. When the crowds leave. When the pomp and circumstance has faded. When there's nothing left but me and him.
In my dream, My friend knew his time was coming. This 26 year old young man He had just visited the hospital for a checkup And the doctor had diagnosed him with a disease
They tell you to trust.
The ground is cold and dirty The shackles on your wrists are sturdy The room is dark, very quiet You can escape, you have to try it Wait until the coast is clear Be still and silent when they're near.
The ground is cold and dirty The shackles on your wrists are sturdy The room is dark, very quiet You can escape, you have to try it Wait until the coast is clear Be still and silent when they're near.
The nightmares don't end when I turn on the light, My thoughts prevent me from my rest in the night, So harsh and so cruel not a good thing to say, They leave me so nervous to take on the day,
Teeth rip in Blood, thick and sweet on my tongue Salty flesh I spit out   Staring into angry, scared eyes I smile, their blood thick in my mouth
The Romans would have carved into their gravestones: non fui, fui, non sum, non curo-- “I was not, I was, I am not, I don’t care.”
Reflection The most important of actions  The mirrors have it mastered  Replicated image captured  Their faces face others  Their eyes eyed by their pupils  But behind the glass burns a fire 
"Death whispers to me, saying"honey pretty please" But even if I ask it to leave, It still follows me. I turn down a dark alley, But no it's just a hall way, And i'm late for biology.
1. as you grow up you begin to realize some things     2. pickle the teddy bear
I saw those cold streets Glass shards covered over the sidewalk in November And every time you speak a little of your soul leaves your mouth Dead bodies and warm blood with the intuition to kill
I use to love dreaming about you Because it was the one moment I could see you again So vividly I could feel the butterflys, so realistically your embrace would engulf me Dreams about our forever, how we could be
I open my eyes to another Hell As I’m pulled into another restless dream. I fight the demons though my fears swell I fight through their torture and schemes. I’m blinded by an explosion
  Drifting away never seemed worse The thought of what is coming very near Appears to be much more than just a curse Like living life in a horror premiere
I am, Broken Shattered behind how my education Deprived me of all hope of a normal life What is normal though? Normal for me Is waking up in the middle of the night Drenched in sweat, 
      Rock-a-bye, baby Won't let you drop   When the wind blows,
It's dark again. I used to pray I used to say it was all pretend Then no one was watching.   The lights went out My body was sucked away I couldn't go back I shouldn't go back  
Night crawlers on the roof Walking around going, who who White faces smiling at you Tapping the window, who who Something is scratching the door Let me in, who who
I had a dream- Of a bright world, And a bright smile, And dreamy eyes. But that would not be the case today. Because I ventured away then, Darker into this place. Where things deemed scary,
i’m sad sunshine body sunlight veins the sun it’s a new day but not a fresh start and i shouldn’t be sad
Waiting for change, chances aren't worth taking. Waiting for answers, the future is still in the making. Change. A word that requires action. Struggle. Fighting the distractions. Step. Step. One foot in front of the other.
in his dreams she’s exposed
I tried  I cried I cheated  And lied But was never satisfied I sweat  I bleed  The monsters under my bed  Crawled into my head
Characteristics of time change when the clock strikes    midnight; the Moon casts his gaze on clumsily painted dreams. A flirtatious affair under a silk cloak of stars,
When people ask me why it looks like I play tic-tac-toe on my wrists, I tell 'em it's because that's where I can feel my body insisting Over, and over, and over again, That it's alive.  
Going into the dark chambers of your mind Where the voices whisper The hands claw Waking up in a cold sweat Gasping for breath Longing for air No, you won't go back there
Do you ever have that dream that doesn't let you sleep?Leaves red marks in your eyes,And a bad taste on your teeth?But, for some reason, no one understands
I'm pretty sure life is just a dream . And most the time it's a nightmare.
My dreams are most vivid when I bolt Awake staring at the ceiling where the stucco shoots Constellations to my brain, just a telescope that won’t retract Or react to the basic instincts meant to drive
Mountain valley's rise. to quakes of dissonance, Curving in the gears beneath each watch face,
I sit and wait for what I know will
I open my eyes
The Human race is consistently being invaded by our imaginations of FEAR.
“Pretty as a princess” That’s what they all say Tuck you into bed with story time.   “Wish upon a star” It was just a childhood dream As you stare out the window at night  
My demons Have your face now. Haunting my existence. Creeping into my dreams.             My nightmares. Keeping me awake Keeping me on edge. Keeping me your prisoner…
You're FEELING too much You're way OVERsensitive This isn't JEN from the Block This is ME my own critic Nothing's set in STONE Till the day AFTER you deaded My will is stronger than EVER
The grass grows ever greener but thyne eye stays wet with mois
In darkness they arise  the shadows of the night  a darker shade of black their movements silent  unpredictable  faces of evil appear  in the corners of where the light flickers 
            Panic. Terror. Staccato breaths. It is strong. Merciless, yet intangible. Clouding all rationality, engraved with anger. All too well, it is the essence of an inner demon - lurking inside of us. Consuming our minds.
Night after night, I somehow find myself
Close your eyes, Go to sleep,                 Dream of us- As deep drums                 Mark the beginning.   Ravenous human shadows Singing brutal blood-stained
Close your eyes, Go to sleep,                 Dream of us- As deep drums                 Mark the beginning.   Ravenous human shadows Singing brutal blood-stained
Nightly terrors cease At least while I lie dormant Dreaming of stories
I took a journey, Through time and space, Didn’t know what I was looking for, But amazed by what I found… I ended up in a familiar place.
3am demonsIts 3 am and the demons in my head cant wait to put me to sleep,
Never can I forget,  What pain scars my heart.  As the days slug by, neverending  Haunting my mind.    The day of gray Painted black all around. Humming in the distance, Playing my heart
  I've lived a life that's safe. Free of rejection, and what come's with it...
Shadowed drea
When I woke up this morning I dreamt I could not moveI dreamt that I was a broken machine with a shard stuck in the grooveI dreamt that I could not believe that other things could breathe
When room lights are out, everything blurs together. Shadows start to take form and grab squirming bodies tight. Always dyed black, they’re never anything fun— Like fuchsia pink blossoms,
  I breathe better through a blanket Let it circulate the air I take in Let it suffocate me if in the end I’m pure   I rub its softness against my cheek
Black atmosphere, purple park on fire my flesh desired Black spiked hair with a bruised face stepping, grass crunching, heart race
Your panting, screaming, something’s coming, but you cannot tell what, You run into a new room, and make sure the door is shut. You think of what could be chasing, hidden from afar,
Sometimes I wish I hadn’t  Been so desperate on that Monday afternoon Searching for relief just a little too soon Red round songs Calling from the back of the cabinet Loose tethered ties
 In the night, you scream with fright you hold your breath all too tight, for in the night, lurk shadows of the past, you remember of those gruesome nights, you try to fight those scary dreams,
Hell is a place where the mind can goNightmares exist before eyes are closed Fear has a home inside my soul Memories hold me captive and won’t let go   Love is a place where I feel warm
I think I saw a robbery today.A man just fiddling with the door.He looked at me watching,I know he saw. He looked me in the eyesI just stood there frozenI knew what he was thinking.I was going to die.
Our minds are such powerful things. They are also very devious. My surroundings are unrealistic, Yet I am completely oblivous.   Wanting to be heard and wanting to be saved, It's such a struggle.
Im surrounded by familiar faces, The choice has been made I will meet my demise, Torture is realized, life flashing before my eyes, I place the gun to my head as I begin to die.  
The bright neon lights glistened and gleamed Dancing and twirling across the black night sky Before they were distorted by the blur As the car went whizzing by The warm summer night is teeming with magic
It is stagnant.The dark intimidates me.My subconscious is cruel.There is a suspension of time that I am profoundly aware of.He's here! He speaks to me. The words are incoherent and stumble though my mind.
Release Sweet God I think I've got it. Remorse Where's my mind I think I've lost it. Relief  All my dreams mix well with drinks. Regret  All my screams are making make me sink.  Repeat
  I remember the storm outside. Its raging winds beat up against the house. The family was due back hours ago. So I will wait a little longer.
Go to bed at nine on the dot, just to lie awake for five hours. Awake. Tired, but awake. Going through the what-ifs. The mistakes. The bad memories. Everthing that delivers shame
Like a caterpillar, I snuggle Into three warm layers. I’ve Built my cocoon, shield from The elements for a few sweet hours; In my simple sarcophagus, Only nightmares can catch me now.
(poems go here) The moonlight is so bright, so peaceful, so simple. A heavy cloak of black attacks and quickly engulfs the powerful gem of Silver, reminding her that pure bliss can be shattered at a moment’s notice.
I went to school with no pants My skin crawled alongside the ants Laid down and drifted through a river of halls And answered a myriad of empty calls With no phone in my hand No ground to stand On.
The wind shook the house on that cold, cold night You were yelling at me, I didn't want to fight. You stumbled down the stairs, You stumbled into my room, You grabbed me by the hair, and you blamed me.
Untamable This space is cold The name I chose became the main chain-reaction to maintain with a brain too strange for the average face to smile at so brace and don't hate just cope I came to hold
Nightfall comes with subtle fantasy that grips and pulls and awakens me from any form of peaceful slumber. Then I’m forced to be dragged under into nightmares of warped reality; a mirror of what’s never to become of me.
Its blinking button eyes Lashes Plucked Clean conscience lies Demons of possess Its ragged red dress Hides in the shadows; tireless Awakened by the silver moon Loom through loom
Broken like the keys of an old piano, Fake like all the lies that you've told her, Tattered like the curtains of an old abandoned house, Abused like a stray dog... Broken like a rusty 1969 Chevelle,
One drink to wash away the pain, Just one more, One sip to cleanse the sorrow, Just one more, One drink to ease the suffering, Just one more, That will come tomorrow.
When morning light cracks, my skull rattles to ear-piercing bebop saxophone Prize-fighter in the corner, crave the bell, you pitbull, crushed ankles will likely give out, useless things
"I've lost all hope of you ever doing anything right!" "You will never amount to anything!" These phrases and more echoing through my head "Just end it now!" I think as I collapse behind the door
Bed Dreams Ah bed so soft and warm I love to jump and play In a feathery swarm Every night and day For a bed is a place that’s fun Now if only I actually had one.
The nightmares come throughout the night. They wake me with the fearful sight, of the cars as they hit, my best friend's face no longer lit. I wake up with a cry, hoping my friend did not really die.
Do you not see your hurting her from the inside out That soon tears that wish to rain become a sullen drought Misery from the mornings start Till night when the sun departs No wounds visible for the eye to see
Sleeping deeply, always lightly Never sweetly but always nightly. Nightmares haunt me taunting softly Leaking deeply into my reality. Was it a dream or was it real? These wicked thoughts are out to drown me,
Afraid it will come back Up like a shadow Up like his smoke Rolling in with the tide Even when I hide I'm afraid it will find me I'm afraid I'm still to week to fight Because I remember how
I had a dream that forced me wake It shook my bones and made me quake To wake to such an empty room Mistake my dead love there did loom So real was life before my eyes Till thick with love and lavish lies
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