Dreams of Darker Days; Dying Friends

In my dream,

My friend knew his time was coming.

This 26 year old young man

He had just visited the hospital for a checkup

And the doctor had diagnosed him with a disease

A disease whose possibility of going away was simply zilch.


When my friend called,

He inform me not of his predicament.

Instead we had a simple conversation like old friends.


Friend: Hello Charles?

It has simply been too long.

Have you found a pair of thighs to lie between and forgotten about your friends?


Me: No mate.

Seeing as how you have been keeping your sister away from me,

I am pretty womanless for now.

But if your mama is available

Maybe I can satiate the hunger that comes with being womanless.


Friend: Fuck you Charles.

How have you been though?

How’s work?


Me: Work is work.

You know how it is.

But I am working on solving a problem

That has been a thorn in the company’s side for a while now.

Maybe that should get me a promotion.

What about you? How are you?


Friend: I am good.

I am very good.


Me: And how is Charlotte?


Friend: Oh man; me and Charlotte broke up a couple of days ago.


Me: What?

What the hell did you break up with her for?

Just how thick can you be?

As in seriously?

How do you break up with a girl like Charlotte?


Friend: Well you know me;

I am your regular go to guy when it comes to stupid.


Me: Well, I hope your Vaseline keeps you warm at night.

Because it’ll be just the both of you in bed for many a night to come


Friend: I am sure I’ll be fine.

I mean, look at you. If you can do it…


Me: Asshole.


And we said our goodbyes

And little did I know

That that was to be the last time we’d ever speak.

Little did I know

That he’d called to say goodbye.


He passed away a couple of weeks later

And in my mind,

I figured that was why he had broken up with his woman.

In my mind,

I figured he thought she couldn’t handle him dying on her.


And I assisted in making his funeral arrangements,

And viewed his body on the morning of the funeral

And I really peered at it  just to be sure it was him.

And it was him alright.

Though he looked a bit pale

And his lips looked quite dead.


My friend.

The man who saw his time coming.

The man whose coffin sounded like thunder from angry gods when soil hit it.

Goodbye friend.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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