PTSD Nightly

Crooked ladies and shadowed men creep from under my door
Violent screams from my sister's lips
Cries for help bleed from my brother
All I can do is watch as my family is taken from me by the monsters at night
This is the first nightmare I remember, I was 6 years old
Woken by my own cold tears
Fearing sleep from then on
Nightmare plagued my nights, creeping into my days
I am 17 and I still fear closing my eyes
Heavy bags weigh my face like bricks
My body cries for sleep but I must deny
In fear I stay awake until my body collapses to a slumber
A prisoner of my own damn mind
I am stuck in this cell entitled insomnia
You don't understand why I can't sleep
Why I can't go to bed like everyone else
not a choice
My body grows tired of this game
Jumping from night to night
I will sleep the whole night through
Crooked ladies and shadowed men
I am a prisoner to my own mind

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