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I remember the storm outside. Its raging winds beat up against the house. The family was due back hours ago. So I will wait a little longer.

I remember going to look for them in the black hole that was called the night. The wind plastered the rain to my face, making it hard to see. I was cold; chilled to the bone. But I could not give, I had to find them.

I remember a shadow on the ground that did not belong to me. There is a shape in the darkness. He stalks toward me slowly. His green eyes stared deep into my own. A shiver crawls up my spin. I see a flash of silver. Without thinking twice, I run.

I remember running for my life. I look behind me. He is there, gaining on me; each step he took brought him closer to his goal. I hear the rough salt water hit the cliff a few feet away. I know it is my only option. He will not kill me. I will not give him the satisfaction. Without a second thought I jump; Plunging into the darkness.

But most of all I remember waking up; The sunlight streaming through my window.


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