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so much has happened  since i've last wrote.  i haven't been taking the time to write as much as i used to and it's because i'm not lonely anymore well, not as lonely as i used to be 
Everyone agrees that war is cruel   Everyone agrees that war is suicidal Everyone agrees that war brings mortar, anger
Our brutish bullets' babble Battered this cathedral, Corroded ancient heavens That dawned in its arching dome, Crumbled blue-veined marble, Shattered angels' sorrow, As gods began to groan. 
I am a monsterI have to be obeyed-beware of my wrath....Mark Toney © 2018.10/10/2018 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
This world is held  in the hands of people  who like to break things,  who see glass sculptures  and send their fists swinging, 
Ever had that moment when you come back to reality but at first it’s like you’re seeing it through a wall of water? I have, many times.
Everybody wants to be a god.  God! I would ruin everything. Everything that I touch, Touches of chaos on earth. Earth becomes still, Still I continue to destroy. Destroying love and hope,
A golden beam of sunlight shines through scattered patches. Gold reflects on every surface. The trees illuminate in a sunny yellow, Signifying the timeless beauty that fall has bestowed.
The Earth is shaking And its cracks showcase chaos. Get away from them!
"Somewhere", spoke the grey lips in the wall.Somewhere before sunrise,before the first bird crows to dawnand the apathetic are yet to uncurlthe grit that gathers like dustbetween the fold of shallow eyes.
Before my house’s basement was finished, It was a barren concrete playground, For my imagination to mold. Silver lined walls got punctured and distorted,
I don't know where we are going but I hope its forever. I don't know what we see but its blinding. It's insanity. It's pain, but its so desireable. I look into your eyes and just forget what hurts the most.
The world is a maze of good and bad. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad.
i spend my days now trying to forget your voice, the same voice that made the my skin stand tall, the same voice that told me everything would be okay,
"Don't set yourself on fire to make others warm." Yet I carry matches in my right pocket at all times.
I convey here, To Whom it May Concern, I am writing this letter in regardTo the dead man rot in the boulevardIts stench, I begin to find rather hardTo continue with complete disregard
I've never been fond of the cold days although i like staying in where it's warm and safe but sometimes  i need  freedom on the cold days especially I need adventure
Let's start a fire Let the world be wrapped in flames We'll watch the destruction grow As we sit in silence On a gasoline soaked field    Find the beauty  In the illuminated clouds
The constant eradication of a soul A soul broken into pieces of a whole Leads to a stone heart That can no longer feel pain
  Alone, in a destroyed forest     It stood in the middle      Elegantly composed     Surrounded by burnt trees and flayed shrubs    
There can only be one opinion, right?   “Because I love you.” These are the precious words: Full of hope, promises, and happiness,
I count the stars, splattered across the black marble counter, waiting for something. Waiting for the light of morning, waiting for some meaning, waiting to see something more.
The wind whips my hair around my neck – A gentle noose, taunting my mortality, My frail life-force, facing off against real power. I march along the pavement, determined not to be The next fatality.
In all honesty I am scared of myself,I think we all should be.We are creatures of creation and destructionWe never know the next thing our hands will
Stars don’t twinkle as bright as they did when I longed for their warmth Mountain peaks are tangible; Thoughts of you can calm the storm Ocean depths aren’t deep at all in comparison to our talks
Feel the darkness under your skin?Whispering, Whispering and drawing thin?It’s rising higher, ever so high, But it will come crashing from the sky.Feel the cold crackling in your bone?
Every single human being knows this art Every since we picked up a weapon and fought There is always a victor who fought for what he wanted
Anger rises in me today, But angry things are not what I want to say. I don't want to say how I'm angry at man, For doing as much destruction as they can, I don't want to say how I much I hate,
Another gust of wind arises, awakening the silent world.   The trees talk with their rustling ferns communicating with an unknown code.   They speak of fear and plead and pray.  
“I will be a flower” Said the seed And then he was a flower “I will grow to be the tallest” Said the flower And he never got chopped by the churning blade
America, the home of the free Founding Fathers resisting a tyrannical power Oh how we brought them to their knees And now, here we are, at the end of our nation's hour With the violence taking over the world
I've been having nightmares about you after the sun leaves the sky, Every. Single. Freaking. Night. Telling myself that the info received is dry, would be telling myself a lie: I repeat, my nightmares are not lies.
I wasn't always jaded I never really hated the judging eyes, the self-centered smiles, or the fakeness on their faces. I didn't dislike the quiet animosity,  the way they always looked at me,
Passing seasons never falter Ink inscribed skin ever after Heart ache a burning volcano I hear a bird's song of sorrow How can I rise from this abyss When all I want is to remiss The torturous emotions
She lies, And she does it so easily, She hides, And she does it so sneakily, She rips apart hearts,
I’m constantly holding back tears, I hate the lump in my throat, I wake up, do my makeup, fix my hair, and throw on my coat, I walk out the door and into the world, Here I am everyone, just a lost, vulnerable girl,
The chaos and  The madness of us Is like the Destructive, Captivating Dance of two galaxies Bound to intertwine To the point of Oblivion; The form it takes is Breathtaking,
I see Snow stick to the hard, brittle grass Twinkling lights reflect off car windows Little boys and girls playing with their toys Cookies stacked on a table set for many people
I open my eye to only be standing at the gates of hell. The sign says WELCOME. The train I rode to get there was going nowhere fast. You want to buy a ticket, what’s the cost you ask?
“Psst! Psst! Have you heard? He has just bought a new car. And his wife, she is so beautiful! How did he manage that? He must have visited the witchdoctor.”
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
Tear down the wall Sturdy and tall Set firm with mortars that kept us in thrall Blood dirt and steel Flaming hot feel
dangerous. devices. do not dream of chemicals acid shells devastating wires tape wrapped tight fusing this dawning, with your bombs dusking, living,
Looking down, curling broken feet, through the pungent odour of burnt cotton, My clothes are burned, flesh cavernous and scarred,
The wind blows  the wind howls  Mother Nature cries while we tell lies hungry greedy men  killing her children leaving her raped in the dust only to feed their lust for power and money
You try and try,But things never go quite right.You came up with 10 million ways to do it wrong and still can't do it right.You feel their unimpressed eyes beam into your own.
Light of my life, Light in the dark, I wish that were true. You would never let me look up, But now I have
Blind Destruction   Most people just talk about how the human race is so great. How we’re so advanced that previous generations would hardly recognize the world we live in today.  
Terrible is the night we wait on When the terrible things arrive. The blame is placed, The hand is stilled, The suspense ticking alive. Fires all set blazing
Gone! Gone! The works of Man! Returned to dust, where they began! Washed low by wave and dripping rain! Bare, cold stone where bones were lain! Color stripp'd by desert sand and storm!
A tree standing as a soldier on the front lines dives into a burning ocean  of glorious flickers and flames: A tree that does not make a sound, because nothing is there to hear it splash. 
Its a terrible feeling, wat
Rivers, made of streets, rushed by;rising higherthrough the night. Houses crumbled to the ground;people lost anddead were found.
When do the lessons of fiction come and play into reality? Why does nonfiction become affliction and government becomes arbituary?   ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! They'll scream until they're blue.
All alone, trapped inside a hole that only I fit inside Gasping as the blade touches flesh, the blood suffocating me Rising higher and higher not to lower like a tide,  Thats when one knows they're dying 
I stumble upon the shattered road The cries of war engulf me Debris, dust, smoke… where is our home? Piercing gun shots resonate near me
O Earth, will you not rest? Shifting your plates violently As if trying to wipe away the junk You fell city's, as a logger fells trees You bring even the mighteist skyscraper to its knees
The yearn for love The learn for someone to have hope in you The yearn to receive love back The yearn to mean the world to someone The yearn to become someone The yearn to have a stable home
I've ripped apart the hearts of many,unworthy of my time.My destruction not survived by any.None as honest as my rhyme. 
Sometimes I think the weather follows me.The moon she still watches melike the day I was born.The storm on the air, it destroys with me.Lightning from inside of meleaves us blistered and torn.
Don't try to hold me For I am broken glass   Don't try to... Please, I beg you For everyone who holds me They will bleed And bleed And bleed 'til they're empty  
Death destories peoples dreams          yet brings one to a world where no one can go.    Death touches where people cannot touch                     for it strikes a heart many cannot touch.
I loved your hands.  Loved the way they worked at my back when I was sore but my god, I hated them! I hated the way they'd shake when you'd miss a pill hated how natural  a cigaret fit between your fingers
He does not love me, he just takes away the pain for the moment, exchanging laughs, caressing me, looking at me the way no ever does,  never judging,  no worries, but just for the night
What have I done?  The person I loved…cold, limp, and lifeless…is before me.  The person I loved is calling out for help… no one can hear… I took no action.  I watched the person I loved… die before my eyes.  I look at my arms… splattered with bl
I often dream of myself floating from space, looking down upon the planet and watching its peacefulness.  And from up above, if my voice could somehow reach every human being, I would say, "Stop trying to dominate nature."  
All the world about me crumbles
Stumbling & reckless, Shackled by mad musings of destruction.  Beware of the one whose cries Whisper fallacy.
My brain was stupidMy heart was blindMy body was fat.I would do anything to leave.
We live in a broken world, I’ve heard it over and over before. Traditions are lost, morals corrupt - Only to be torn apart by war.   We build and we build Our cities stand tall overhead
Sparks.    Rekindling the embers of her long-stilled heart.             Stirring.                         Heat. A dry whooshing heat, covered her in a whirl of silence, roaring in her ears.     Electricity.
at a young age, 
Skies are kissed with crimson fireletting all know the situation's dire.There is no chance or hope for escape
Once, I saw a white rose
Black as night Cold as ice Is the recipe for disaster, word of the wise It holds no memory and love is blind Heart of stone, leaves no thought It is alone When all hope is lost 
I turn on the shower head along with my thoughts Which are often not my thoughts at all My mind has been infiltrated by society's thoughts And everything it has taught Should I really be distraught about all this?
I feel afraid 
It started out as beautiful Then slowly it began to crumble
It’s not that
Some say the world will end in f
Staring down at my book, I start to fall asleep
The earth would whisper, tranquil melodies of peace-- when man was once myth.
Ours was a love of gun smoke & closed windows Remembered in Polaroid photos Can you feel my breath escape?   I found constellations in my skin, With whispers that shattered clouds Your bombs.
I’ll try         And be as loyal as a dog         By your side for everything         There to pick up the pieces after you shatter I’ll try         To stay silent         When I wish to speak
the forest stood proud once lush and greenthe trees armed for battle with needle teethand creatures untamed and unseen  
She was like shiny, flawless silver. 
I want to disappear, fade out to black To become one with nature The calm, the tranquility, the comfort   I want to be lost, hidden in the trees
A screaming echos across the sky
Through these blue eyes I see The destruction if a war scarred land By these cold hands I touch The lips of those that have died With this broken heart I feel
In the beginning this land was calm and peacful. Harmoniously it co-existed with the world surrounding it. Neighboring lands though, tainted by evil, began invading our own;
This room is dark cold and decay the life I live is but a mirror today   They all view the happy me but they dont know
Fiery arrows, bullets, shells all fly Collide with a building that cannot cry Angry flame steals away The days of the building’s sway Many times has it come through With a mighty and powerful breakthrough
We'll be here until the end of time, let's not leave love behind, let's be kind, clean the earth, make it shine, because our world is so fine, everything is beautiful, keep an open mind,
She squats in the sand pit molding mountains and valleys with her tiny hands, her fingers clumsily try to grasp the grains then in frustration let them fall, instead she looks to the mangled barbie doll with its coarse blond hair and sharpie-endur
In the desert lightning strikes, An act deadly for the dry wild fields, Under the brush a spark ignites, Fed by the winds it consumes all it reaches, Steadily climbing towering trees,
Estranged lover; Slaughtered home.  Is the destruction of beauty a predisposed chromosome? 
I come from the dark, Iam a murderer, I leave nothing in my path, I hit you like Katrina, But that's all in the past, Forests tremble at my feet, Water does my bidding,
I am an American Born and raised  But Society tells me that my race was enslaved. "WAS" I say  Because obviously we still are  To me we are everything but by far.  
War is a terrible monster,      it devours everything in its path,           and leaves only destruction and ruin behind. War is like a spider,      it waits for countries to become ensnared 
 The king within his castle looked out upon the sky, The dead-still air seemed restless, the sunlight seemed to die. The clouds came marching onward, an army dread and chill; Within his purple chambers, the king kept watching still.    A rippling
You want an idea of human rights,but are you ready to listen to the fights.Listen, listen carefully to my rhymes,about the absurd things occurring in prime time.You know about these absentees,
I woke to a cloudless blue sky, to towering redwood trees To fluttering avian creatures basking in the warm sun’s embrace. The forest was full and alive, breathing Compelling you to look but not to take.
wake up one day take a look in the mirror i have something to say my message must be clearer i will not be a statistic so my think must stay logistic, theres a lot of wrong in this cruel little world
Dude! Come on, listen As I’m speaking carbon is being emitted But no you don’t care And no you’re not hearing me And if you can’t see all this pollution Then you’re obviously not seeing clearly
Red, orange, yellow, blue and green All colors imaginable on one screen People don’t pay attention But the box is ruining more and more generations. It’s quite unbelievable The cartoons, characters and people
With the furious rage of a thousand Winters, A sea of injustice, waiting at the spout. Like the irritated bite of a good man's splinters, That swindle and split when sweetly plucked out.
I don't know what I just read, I just forgot what world I was living in, I don't know whats wrong with my head, I see people dying and their spirits arising, Tic toc the clock goes moo,
A window frames a picture Of beautiful mountains Reaching high Dressed in the green Of a thousand trees.   A window frames a picture Of black choking smoke- Raging flames 
Lips They are much more Than what they say, Even more than that- What do what they say, truly mean? Lips I can't believe what they're used for! They were made with authority;
The scene unfolds with little warning Words would have diminished its significance The moment itself should have lasted forever Its beauty was terrible
When confusion sets And you lose your bets The world blinks in stone; When guardians fail And morals pale You think you're all alone. When leaders fall And sickness crawls
My Spirit is running away from me. He can’t take the rules any more. Society is breaking him. What did you expect? Having no power. He Flees.   They apply too much pressure to him.
Cold metal is no longer terror, ‘Till cold metal becomes warm, Cold metal is her weakness, Yet a friend that always warns.
I reach for the flower labled "family" and it wilts at my touch. It falls apart. I reach for the house labled "security" and it ignites at my touch. It burns to the ground.
That girl who cut deep into her skin, for short outburst of relief. Brown sugar gliding against the sharpness of red. That happiness that the blood reveled seemed like it was being healed.
Pain The powerful heat is overwhelming. Painful Even the smallest spark of light Can quickly become a danger
As she rests her warm head on the reserved meadow I wait. As she descends I look ahead, waiting for you, Your imperfections, your craters that comfort me so tightly, As she descends I wait.
I’m from beaches and sand I’m from a shattered life that raises and still stands From new beginnings with new troubles I’m from a place destroyed with rubbles
Bang, bang. No sleeping tonight. The Sand Man won't come, No child will dream. Blasphemy on sight.
The swaying of the trees Puts me at ease In the midst of anger The strong wind against my face Brings me to reality Realities of the world
Whole room grew quiet as your mother cried. "He's been killed," they said, "execution style." She'd just found out her first-born son had died, Crime scene so gruesome and bloody and vile.
The world is dying But they keep trying Putting patches on the wounds but they're still crying It's going under This ship will plunder It will shake and crumble by Almighty Thunder
Has he even noticed? Or does he even care? This car is turning, racing but we're going nowhere. He steps on the gas, my heart begins to flutter. We're free falling fast, but without God's ruder.
Kissing, trembling, Up your spine. Licking, tasting, Your thoughtless mind. My eyes glow yellow As your arms bare orange Jaws clamp tight As you’re no more. Fall down in white,
I wish my phone would ring I call home, waiting alone, dial tone screams my mind's cold behind this blindfold of space and time I can't escape it I'm waiting and like a fine rope this line holds
The destruction it leaves the people who grieve Is it worth it to have a weapon that leaves people so sad? We need them to hunt we need them to survive but some people just have them
hurting way down deep pain, so complete. i can't think, I can't breathe i can't do anything. it's a scary thing to hurt so bad. it's awful to not understand why.
All alone in her room. All alone in the world. The crying doesn't stop. Never does hate. How can a little piece of metal help you to hate yourself so much? It cuts like butter, It hurts like a knife.
The sun in the day, the moon at night, a sky littered with stars and clouds they hide behind. The trees, so tall, with leaves on their branches, which change their color and fall as summer passes.
The petals wilt The sky turns gray There is no color The world is monochromatic To survive you must be a darkness fanatic Enormous thorns penetrate poor Mother Earth Humans milked her for all she worth
what are we but specks of dirt with too much lust and savage thirst who reap the land of all that's good till never more is there what stood and who am i but empty face consumed by this empty race
The mirror. The home of my worst enemy. Myself. I see her again today. Her waist. Not small enough. Her face. Not pretty enough. Her hair. Not long enough. Her skin.
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