Blossoming Nation

“I will be a flower” Said the seed

And then he was a flower

“I will grow to be the tallest” Said the flower

And he never got chopped by the churning blade

“I will be the brightest” Said the flower

And all the bees pollinate this flower and he grew healthy and vibrant

“I will be the strongest!” Stated the flower

And his stem thickened as the green hue deepened

“I will be the only one!” Demanded the flower

And he told none of the bees to pollinate the other flowers

And the other flowers died.


“I will move!” Screamed the flower

And the wind blew furiously

And the flower swayed.


“I will move further!” His roots burst with power

He swayed so far that he touched the ground

And he swayed like this for hours

And for every sway he pushed back up harder.


“I will have legs!” He shrieked.

With the last sway, the flower gripped the ground and ripped his veins out

The dirt folded beneath his efforts and gave in to the ripping of his own self

The roots suddenly gave way and snapped apart from his stem.


“I am no longer a flower.” The dead flower announced

He had done it.

And he shriveled with a smile of content on his face

His greens now brown and his pedals wrinkled

His stem weak and life drained.


“I will be a nation” Said the people

And then they colonized

“We will grow” Said the colonies

And they explored and found more land

“I will be the brightest” Said the States

And all the leaders created a government for protection

“I will be the strongest!” Declared the States

And they built more guns and made more allies

“I will be the only one!” Demanded the nation

And the nation told all the natives to move

And the natives shriveled in size.


“I will dominate!” Screamed the flower

And the seas were filled with chunks of indestructible metal

And the guns were cocked back.


“I will move further!” The nation burst with power

They sailed so far that they ran into the other side of their land

And their ships and their guns continued sailing

And for every ship the enemies had an airplane

And for every enemy airplane the nation built a bomb.


“I will have the world!” The nation shrieked.

In the strongest plane with the largest bomb, the nation ripped itself from their allies

The nation’s roots suddenly gave way and snapped apart from their tradition.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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