Some say the world will end in fire or ice,

I don’t agree.

If the world ended in desire or hate,

People would crave,

People would avoid, and they would reject.


No, the world will end in drought.

The dry earth,

Shriveled up beyond repair.

Nothing left but the bones of what once was.

Nothing left to give or take.


People take all they want,
Never stopping to think of the consequence,

Taking until the earth

Has nothing left to give.


With no more to give,

Their greed becomes unsatisfiable.

Humans turn one another,

Because there is nothing else left to take.


No, the world will not burn.

It will crumble,

Like a once beautiful marble statue that has dissolved.


It will not freeze,

But wither up from the inside out,

like a corpse exposed to the elements.


It will be used up

Consumed entirely.



Torn apart.




What can we do,

if the human race is doomed?

If what’s done is irreversible,

Then how will we help?


The answer to that is simple;

we love, we smile, we have respect.

The world needs more true emotions.


No fake smiles, genuine smiles,

Dinners with kids off their phones,

Where people talk to one another in earnest.


A day where people are off their phones,

Unplugged from headphones,

Where people stop and listen.


Verbal, face to face conversation,

Emotion conveyed in the stress and dip of tone.

Raw, unhindered emotion, that makes people FEEL.

The kind of speaking that squeezes the heart.


The type of speaking that makes you realize,

Makes you see how the world has changed,

How your family has changed.

How you have changed.


If people can realize

how they have become robotic,


destructive creatures,

that are killing the world,


Won’t they change?

So do this.

Smile at a stranger,

Ask how your parents how they have been.

Unplug, and enjoy the world while we still have it.



Night Heart

Sad.True.Beautiful poem!

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