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i dream upon the daffodilsin a dream swept rain,dreaming all the things i canand forgetting all the pain. 
I remember love like it was a thing of past trying to leave me. True love felt glorified and spectacular. A rose bud blossoming beautifully as I remember all her beauty, delightful hair, courageous smile, enchanted laugh, gentle personality.
My days are the yearning kind Desiring for what only God can provide  Looking elsewhere for what can only be found inside  Luke 17:21 set of mind 
you’ll never know that i drive away smiling going over everything you’ve said, your sweater is on my chest but i wish it was your head.  
Look at all the rainbows in the water  She said  As she stared  Look at all the blues held in the skyline  She said  As she dreamed  Here let all my visions fly  Let me just paint the sky 
The fig leaves are drenched in golden light Waving at the sky to bid good night To the stars above.   Enigmatic visions fill minds
There are dreams within dream within dreams, so it seems. I learned this last night in bed. Layers of dreams  upon layers of dreams, all fitting inside my head.  Once, I thought I woke up, but I was back in anther one. Dreams within dreams: it's b
I dreamed of home last night Home The dream was dark and silent There was no plot, setting, or characters It was me In the dark
holding my handi was on top of the worldthe lights all arounddefining what surrounds the feelings that I have for youin this monthly dreamwalking down the streetnever thinking about the reality
What I’m Not September 13, 2018 ~ Thursday There’s music in the hills Sounds of song on their backs, fronts, and sides That which I’ve never heard
I fell asleep and dreamed a dream With vivid, bright, familiar scenes And someone new, I knew before But I'm unsure just what this means - I burst awake, with pounding pulse
Mother, sister, father, great-uncle, My best friend’s brother, Or was it my cousin? A house, a ship - in space or at sea?
a thought cannot be cultivated. if, it is not planted first in the mind - which, unsedated, remains awake with conscious thirst. a thought cannot grow or sprout if, the mind does not quench it
What worlds lie behind our reflection What variegated beings dance among our fate What truth is there in resurection What love lies amidst delphic hate
When I was a child I wanted to be so famous that I would be able to touch the star. Trust me if I could meet him again I would ask what makes him dream so far?
Creation from a stand point exclusivity sought-after man's point rolled-up late night jam joint all into one to create some sort  of fifth-dimensional meaning    Creation
Love, a four letter word created to trap men in a day dream. My love for her ragged like a rapid untamed stream. Her smile sweeter then the sweetest Neapolitan ice cream  
Off in my own world either day or night,             Images flow behind my open eyes.              Over reality and stirs a fright.         Never thought I was
Note: This poem is meant to be read from top to bottom an bottom to top.  
The mood was right; headache, loud noises, babies crying, tight spaces.   You notice all the curves and lines you would have never saw.
I belong in the night sky A shooting star, immune And refusing to comply. I dance with the moon.   The husk of the world below is no place for me,
Pain is the feeling I get when I think of you, You’re gone and you left us behind. I can’t help but think about what you would be doing,
What if all we are, Is the product of a dream? Some slumbering mind ranging far,  Projecting us from the stream, Of thought and delight As it passes through the night?  
  The night before last, when I laid down in bed A familiar dream wandered into my head.   I was an apartment, that I knew was my own.
simply suffer in silence  as solitude seeks me out  my mind is full of violence  but against these thoughts i shout  falling deep in day dreams  i find the pain there doesn't count  your fine, 
The only dreams I remember are the ones where we're together.   laughter soft smiles skin on skin loose lips clashing teeth twisting tongues hand in hand  
Driving for 45 minutes Bumper to bumper Radio's broken and so is the AC But, that's Chicago for ya
I am kid again
If there's one thing I should ask you, if there's one thing you're to keep well-kindled into memory, it's "Don't let me fall asleep."   He can only reach out through my dreams; to slumber's my mistake.
Words are like water. They flow from the mouth as if it were a waterfall. They cause rain in the form of teardrops to roll down the mountains
The Lonely Star Fear is Strong Although I know it to be Wrong I keep singing it's song But what is fear  That we might clear The painful sphere here  Fear is nothing more than a bad dream
Closed. There's a dream in my head and it's making me Ill. Swimming, These aren't my thoughts. I wouldn't couldn't never would do that. But I did. Dreams
  Where are we Is it Rome, Pari? Could my heart be in love yet my knees still feel weak? Is the air filled with sweet uncomforting songs
I wanted you so bad Still kind of do. Sometimes I wonder why. We're both not quite over the past. But I'm willing to give it a try.   You, not so much.
His words lift my heart On wings like an eagle's So it soars. His voice surrounds me. "Shawnee." That is what I am hearing. Then I awake to find that it was only just a dream.
When down comes the sun, Up comes the moon. As the stars shine brightly down on the children of the world, They go to their secret escape. They call it dreamland.
Wispy clouds sweep across the vast ocean above Grass whispers the heartbeat of the tide Rolling gently out and back again Feathered fish dart into cloud-waves And you wish flying were so easy
Her hand danced on water Her feet like a ballerina's That smile reflects beauty Her skin flawless How could she be real? Did she come out of my dreams? That waterfall hair Deep blue eyes
                                   The dark that engulfs                                                             The missing piece of my life                                                             Where I am asleep
We, the humans, a species clothed in grey, Powerful at birth but mundane with age, Forgotten magic, lost in the race, Slaves of our own hunger.   What a prison, this world is,
Maybe it was just this year I suddenly became old. Old hit me with crying over Facebook videos in the middle of the night.
Dreaming There in the dark Memories visit me As clear as if they’re happening All over I’m seven again A flashback to my childhood
Say those four last words Quiet Allow your breath to hit her neck  And allow her to feel your arms around her Tightly Are you going to say them? Go on “It’s time for bed”
When the song plays I see my treasure, the person who I care about. A bitter sweet song that gives me a sign that you are still waiting for me.
View the world darkly and in color Only to live it through a lense Every color washed in dreams  Ecery memory surrounded in color Skins of blue veins that reach for new dreams Eyes that seek new worlds
Everyone's listening,
Shower Thoughts and Dream Knots   Shadow ships sailed across the walls and splashed into a ceiling speckled with galaxies,  yellow constellations swirling behind clenched eyelids,
My life became  a
I am the one who named all the flowers
A long swing hangs low,
how can i be so many people bound by one skin? am i one dreaming soul   
you'll never understand what makes me tick. you'll try an beg and ask questions that you think are terribly clever.
I wait for him in the dark.  
Sunlight streaming down Cold air thick like ice
There was a girl who dreamed to fly, She wanted to be great and leave her cage, They all said she couldn't and had to stay where it was safe, So one night she leaves,It's not as bright as it seemed, 
The sketches in my notebook, and the raindrops on my window This, Blissfully this The art of nature and its beautiful galore, those laughs and those smiles I'd like to see more This, Blissfully this
Be the change you wish to see Set trends and allow others to lead, young and Black in America thats two strikes against me But, I keep moving as if my skin was light  
One year of high school to go, surviving the same status quo, six classes a day, learning on the way, up the ladder I hopefully go.... Medical school is my dream,
I was skipping through the fields making friends with the wheat my height I was holding on to Papa with all my little might   We ate apples and dreamed For the sake of tomorrow 
Bloodshot digits awaken from below,
If you can't read the photo it goes-   Here I sit in this rut once more, waiting, longing. I wish I could stop but it only goes just, beat, beat, beat. And the raging thump continues just
In the distance, I see blue skies. Empty of tears, but full of life.  
She called upon me to aid her, to stop the crying.  Her crying is a marathon runner who can never reach the finish line. I’m no savior, but I’m the only one left to care.  
Traveling on my sub-conscience whim
Much like this journal, there's a Place I go 2unlike a book, it's in my mind's eye.There, jellyfish fly with butterflies
I don't really know who I'm writing toBut then, we never really know, do we?Not until we meet them. Some people sing, some people danceSome joke, and still others act We each do it for our own reason.
Darling, light that cigarette  Let the ashes fall  With them your dreams Cause tomorrow when you wake up  You'll realize we never met    Standing on that boardwalk  In the dark of night 
Coming in brisk shadows Living in the dark corners of my mind Bringing light into my world As you take me away   Pushing the sails with your gentle hands While thrusting the tides with your warm air
She's standing there among the leaves, Quieter than the sounds of snow
We're so young, In a world so old. We think we know what we want,  And what we need. We form dreams, And run after them.    However,   Sometimes while we're running,
         Dreams are dead-getaways from reality. They are like remebering  the times you loved and missed. You are ever-more longing for it never end. But still you know, it must end.
At first I didn’t want it to cease But I awoke wondering why you were in my peace. If it was once I’d understand but fool me twice, then I will think you had this planned. My slumber is well when you are present
The girl who slept in class seemed to not care the words that were being spoken and the lines that were being taught but did you ever see  that girl outside of class?  
What's real in the eyes of men? Must we suffer from the seven? The world is plagued by worry and pain, and I wish to avoid the reality stain.   Worlds are created by the mind.
As she walksShe walks on stoneCold, hard stone sending shivers up her spine   As she jumpsShe jumps in slow motionClaiming the air as her own  
Ever since I was a youngin' I always had Big Dreams I would walk down the block and have fantasies about expensive things I would make Lamborghini engine sounds pedaling my bike I had envisioned the luxury life as a tike
My heart sank with his visage in sight
This world is spinning at a steady pace, When we create all that we are ready to make,
To be a bee would be the life for me,  For a world without bees would be lifeless. No pollen, no flowers, Not a plant to be showered, A dry, airless land, Not a soul with a breath,
according to some legend, when one is unable to sleep at night,  it means someone is dreaming about them. now i dont know who you are or why youre dreaming of me but its 3 am.
Lately I find myself dreaming of a new world, It's a place of shadows, A place so very beautiful, I'd love to actually visit, It's all a dream, A place I can't go, With only people like us,
sometimes i dream of you tendrils creeping wrapping around my heart choking out its last few beats   (( thump thump --- ))
Remember that night were you thought I fell asleep on the car ride home?
Dust in the airGlaze creating a glare.
I can't tell the difference between my dreams and reality anymore  Everyday I wake up and yet I'm never really here  I find myself living within the parallels of a world that loved me unconditionally 
I'm wishing on a star Waiting for my dreams to come true Still all alone in my dark little room Just waiting for my wish to be realized
Dream of a world in which the seas do not shove,And in which the tide never declines offers,And where the clouds are more reliable.Dream of where the grass can be whatever color you please,
Call me surreal, for I am a king, but not one of Royalty but of my own inner Majesty Through my pen you see, through my art I speak, I describe the impact of death and disease
In my sleep I dreamt it was day.
Talking is easy but I don’t speak Some of the most wonderful things grow from silence and solitude Loneliness is painful but I don’t weep
I wake up everyday in my dorm Alone, 3000 miles away from home
I walked into a room, and you were not standing there. There was no shape of your red canvas shoes in the carpet. Or the heft of you green ballon by the window.   I lowered myself into the car
reading the pages of this book i am drowning in desires draped across my eye lids  and slowly being pulled into an active unrealistic reality you see here in dreamland you have the power
I need a metaphorical axe cause im boutta  cut down this hypothetical money tree do  you feel me...
  I see nothing Nothing but her I just stare And she’s beautiful Her soft eyes stare cautiously And her hair falls It’s always falling Soft skin Pure- not a flaw
People say dream big. Do they ever really mean it? I dream of fame and success. They tell me do my best.  But they never really believe in me. Don't tell me I can make it. Then show me no support.
Getting carried away, going over the top, losing yourself. That state of zen when you are meditatively doing, Unconsciously awake, disconnected from your anatomy,
*Dear Amelia Earhart, Before you knew you’d have the chance did you ever dream about the skies and what it felt like to fly?   #Dear Wilbur Wright, Before you knew it would happen,
  Sail with me through the universe and we'll ride the velvet skies. We'll jump the rings of jupiter. Just take my hand darling and we'll fly away.
“There’s nothing wrong with dreaming,”                That’s what I tell my son.A dream can make a day less dreary                and keep an old soul young
The aperture of existence surged into the void of her happiness And the smiling sun extracted the life from her pallor flesh Daffodils danced as she traversed the ashen river of though
Daring to reach their goal they Readily prepare their minds. Earnestly attempting to find no hinderings Amid all strugle and turmoil they Merge their thoughts together to Enter into the realm of dreming with
Our World... Rapacity! Where Men usurp the youth. Men who manifest greed, lust, power Illimiuniting Freud's Id through actions Alas! The youth replicate their Teachers. Cloned as the Men
My mind wanders to the peeling paint To the bleeding stars in the night sky My eyes scan the bland nothingness My lips murmur to the silence There's soft music in the darkness An entire concert in my ear
The kindness in the smile of a little girl. Fearless and free...the world not yet clawing away her freedom to love, sees through eyes as clear as the sea with an embrace as warm as the sun.
I am the hollow woman My merry mechanism failed Left with so much opposition from other's emotions that are stale My normal state is empty but my capacity half the world I took on that responsibility
Pen to paper Fingers to keys Words spitting from these blistered lips Words that bare my soul I hide myself behind smiles and laughter So you don't see my pain, feel my terror
What would be different, If what I chose was an                 Altercation                                 Revelation                                                 Procession? Rather it’d be simple.
"Hollywood" , She said. That's my dream. Lights, camera, action.  A part of the scene. A comedy, a drama, a TV show. How will I know, if I don't go?  I'm leaving in winter. I booked I flight. 
Dreaming Wanting Achieving Poetry gives me meaning It inspires me Poetry in music Gets me through the day It's the reason I am breathing It's the reason I am going to college
On such a night that the fog reached up and swallowed the moonlight. I fell into a deep sleep and I dreamt. I dreamt a wild dream unconstrianed by reality or its rules.
They say dreaming happens when people enter a deep cycle in their sleep but when most people wake up they don't even remember what they dreamed. Yet, ironically everyone remembers their worst nightmares.
They say dreaming happens when people enter a deep cycle in their sleep but when most people wake up they don't even remember what they dreamed. Yet, ironically everyone remembers there worst nightmares.
Wish upon a star Dreams are a wish your heart makes Stay a child and believe in fairytales Don't let life bring you down Because one day When you're about to walk away Someone special will say no way
In your dreams of fitful sleep, You wonder which direction to keep. You hear a noise from down below, a door opens wide, the wind begins to blow. Inside they come, as they do every night -
The Morning Sun creep-ed through the curtains that covered the large window That one, little twinkle shot me in the eye. Blink once: blurred. Blink twice: blind, on the account that I didn't have my glasses on.
How can I live without food? It is like my kryptonite It can even take my taste buds on a flight The sweet sugary snacks put me in a good mood When I’m in the store, it seems to jump into my cart
A Summer Night Echo
Moving in spiral Faster and faster The world spins indefinite Heavy is the pressure Strong are the winds Spinning us around Forever we move A spiral down and up Leading to an end
An Endless Descent, Tumbling slowly into the deep. Gentle waves above, With Silver beams shining down. Head over heels, Sinking into the warmth. Angel down floats by, Coating the floor.
Hours go by so slow yet weeks string past One minute you're at the cafe sipping tea The next you're on a boat fixing the mast But not everyday is an adventure out at sea
“I just wanted to be normal” She said As she scrapped the words into her paper Until it bled Deep blue ink Onto her fingers Leaving little blue trails through the forest of her written word
Inspiration Thought Process A dream achieved Faces a dream deferred A dream achieved Means success occurred A dream achieved Had mountains to climb A dream achieved
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