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In your dreams of fitful sleep,
You wonder which direction to keep.
You hear a noise from down below,
a door opens wide, the wind begins to blow.
Inside they come, as they do every night -
The past haunting you from your own insides.
They follow you to where you can not hide,
Under your covers, yet deep inside.

Your body lies still, as stars at night,
Yet your eyes flit back and forth in plight.
They walk over the threshold, one by one,
One, Two, Three, Four, you pray it all to be undone.
For try as you might they will not stop -
Their footsteps come faster ‘till they spin like a top.
Their faces appear, they reach for you,
Eyes shining wet with dew,
Begging, Groveling, Starving for truth.

A scream erupts, slow at start,
It makes you race, it ruptures your heart.
You are stuck to the spot, you cannot flee
With words you said strangling free.
You beg for help, you cry and plea
Yet the screams grow louder, reaching the sea.
Faster and Faster they ring out loud
Till alas, you wake to cold dark clouds...

The screams remain and for a moment you cower
'Till you remember the day and hour.
You fling the quilt off as if it were unclean,
You fly to your desk, hoping to be unseen.
There it lies, in your midst,
Your alarm clock to wake you from a dreaming abyss.


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