Shower Thoughts and Dream Knots

Shower Thoughts and Dream Knots
Shadow ships sailed across the walls and splashed into a ceiling speckled with galaxies, 
yellow constellations swirling behind clenched eyelids,
a dark sea glistening with stars both above and at your hull
Warm scales shifted as frigid air ripples over and under,
 clouds feathery veils across a blurred ocean  
Then you dive and dive and your hair whips in a glimmering banner and then
the sun hits the horizon
dazzling oranges and roses and crimsons paint the atmosphere while a roar shakes the wind
And you’re no longer in the kaleidoscope sky but the waters below
You're a mermaid, 
washing away a day of luring and love struck sailors. 
Its misting, the waves crash against the rocks 
and you watch as the sky bleeds 
and the waterfalls behind you have jagged rainbows in the last lights of day
Harp strings echo in lake eyes and hums thread white lily,
golden trim glimmering gently in lazy afternoon rays.
You remember milky skin and feathered eyelashes,
ruffled hair and a button nose.
The sheets are crisp and images fade
Smoke screens summer suns turned pink, you know, 
and it’s then the mountain eyes blink at their valleys
and the northern lights gleam in the day
The buck pranced with stars tangled in his antlers as a prince,
the doe a genteel queen with flowers blooming at her step
You ponder and dream in technicolor,
your universe branching and webbing something awesome
Life is hard but to filter through an imagination colored with sound,
to watch impossibles unfold...
and you’re no longer in the sky,
but in a
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