That Night

Remember that night were you thought I fell asleep on the car ride home? We’ll I wasn’t really sleeping, I was dreaming.  With my eyes closed shut all these star like dreams raced through my head like thoughts that I could hardly comprehend because they were passing by so fast. My eyes racing back and forth with my lids closed shut, as I tried to make feel of all these emotions I was recalling.  I unconsciously closed my eyes in the car ride because that’s what I do when I want to reminisce, I think about the events that I just experienced prior to the car ride.


Now, I don’t know if you could tell, but I don’t get out much, but that night I felt entirely new, completely free; my heart beating so fast from dancing for so long and so wild. For a short moment you made me forget everyone else and what they thought, I was able to be me for that moment in time and I want to go back so badly. As I close my eyes, I try to remember every time you had said my name or looked at me with that smile of yours asking me a question.  The car was dead silent, but I didn’t mind because I could hear you breathing match mine, synchronizing like a lullaby that fed my dream like state.  I hope you didn’t find that silent car ride awkward because that was one of my favorite moments that I look back on when I think about that day.  


I also remember when you let me barrow your jacket because I was shivering like a Chihuahua in winter, and went out to the car to get it.  It wasn’t until we got into the light that I noticed that the jacket was my favorite color of maroon, not to mention it also had a floral print design.  I couldn’t help but smile and think that this was completely “you” which just made me like it even more.  I still laugh every time I think about how someone complimented your jacket while I was wearing it and then proceeded to tell them “Thanks, but it’s not mine it’s his” as they glanced over puzzled.


Not only do you wear floral print jackets, but you paint your nails too.


When I first saw them, I just stared at them. I came to the conclusion that I liked them no matter what and it was your quirks that surprised me in a pleasant way. I wanted to know more about you, more of your idiosyncrasies, what you do on Saturday mornings or Friday nights.  What is your favorite pancake flavor and your middle name or even if you have one.  I wanted to know what color you saw the sky and how you greet complete strangers in the street.  I wanted to know how big your hands were compared to mine and how warm you hugs could get if you hold on long enough.   How fast does your heart beat when you're with me, does it beat as fast as mine when I’m with you—or even faster?


I want to know.

I want to go back to that night,

let me go back to that night.


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