The more i thought

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:04 -- mrapook

i dream upon the daffodils
in a dream swept rain,
dreaming all the things i can
and forgetting all the pain.

for it’s early morning
‘bout 6:30 or so
as i lay in my bed wide awake
dreaming about
how i was dreaming
of daffodils and rain

Then i thought:
why was i dreaming about the dream
of daffodils and rain?
and proceeded to get confused

‘cause every time i tried to think
of why i thought of something,
i kept on thinking about why i dreamt
of what i was dreaming.

and the more i thought of this
the more lost i got,
at this point i wasn’t too sure
whether i was dreaming or not.

Then i started rolling down a hillside
all damp and wet with dew
smelling all the daffodils
as if that dream came true.

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