Hours go by so slow


United States
29° 38' 1.8456" N, 95° 39' 22.7232" W

Hours go by so slow yet weeks string past
One minute you're at the cafe sipping tea
The next you're on a boat fixing the mast
But not everyday is an adventure out at sea

The masses believe they live such exciting lives
When in reality, the identicals live mundanely

A day dream home to escape in
A neglected house to live in

The daily stroll that takes place
do you mention that information?

Such sightings beware!
But who cares?

That's the problem with us today:
we take pride in the insults of yesterday
we dream wistfully for the promises in the next day
we don't notice the beauty given to us today

A carpe diem realization
can give us all liberation
of time -- a disaster of human kind

The twisted fourth dimension
has been taken out of proportion

Instead of helping us
like nature intended to
it has hindered us
like delusions destined to


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