Never Did I Sleep

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 11:26 -- major97

Never did I sleep, for I feared I would dream, Dream of a life, far better than mine.

Never did I laugh, because I dreaded the inevitable; the impending transition from joy back to pain.

It never occurred to me to sing, Singing was for those that had purpose, had peace and had love... Not for those that sought shelter in darkness and shied away from the truth up above.

But now, now I dream constantly; of angels and a place without tears. Of a voice that tells me I'm never to fear.

I laugh with the wind and dance with blue skies, refusing to yield to the hurt and the lies.

My lungs burst with song, with shouts and with love for my Father, my Saviour, my guide and my light.

He has plucked me from the tight fist of evil and delivered my soul to streets of gold.

He holds me safe in His arms above the anguish and heartbreak. And I close my eyes and dream, finally. Dream of eternal life, eternal love, and everlasting peace.



Amazing poem. That was really deep.



Thank You Much!

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