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ɹǝʌǝɹoɟ ʇɹɐd∀ ǝɯ ʞɔıd uɐɔ noʎ 'ǝǝɹʇ ʇınɹɟ ∀ ɥʇɐǝuǝq ǝɯ ʎɹnᙠ
It's nice to think that someone is out there Who will listen and love me Despite everything I am and everything I have been Who will listen and love me Despite my expiration date that is always changing
I am a garden. This garden knows unrequited love. This garden gives unconditional love, nonetheless. Ripping and tearing bits and pieces out. A bouquet of smiles and hope. 
I keep trying to find The lengths to which I would go for you But every time I think "This is it" I find myself in deeper waters of your love Than before and I know that
dear grandma,  i'm currently applying for college and every day of my life,  i grow more and more appreciative of your presence in my life.  i owe everything i am to you 
Creatures. Some are our pets Who do deserve our love. Adopt them to demonstrate that. Creatures.
Dear III,   I fell for you, Blind. You were something new, Something different, And I felt something I'd never felt. I wasn't supposed to. We were headed down separate roads
Because I love you I know you’re not perfect                   But I love you regardless   Nothing is perfect not you, not me, not our relationship
There stand some marks upon her arm, Voluntary strikes in black and blue, Words that comfort, words that declare In simple script, “Because I love you.”
Dear God,   I’m in a funny spot I call it funny because I’m laughing out my mascara I know You’re here
I'll cry for you, I'd die for you, Take it to the other side for you.   Get high with you, I'd fly with you, See my heart is open wide for you.   I'll sigh for you,
Unconditonal, I'll love you and your mistakes, Unconditional, When you fail, our love won't break. Unconditional, My weaknesses define me, Unconditional, But love won't falter, you'll see. 
My love has no condition, To make you happy is my mission! You deserve the best and nothing less,  To have you in my life I'd be nothing but blessed! Through rain or snow I shall never go,
My heart belongs to the Maker of the stars. He embraces me and cherishes me despite of my scars.   I have doubted, betrayed, and turned my back on Him, But His bright smile never turns dim.  
Thinking of all the reasons that I love You I find too many to say Could it be Your inconsitencies, Your patters, or is it Your Relentlessly Free Mind and Untamed Heart beating fiercely each day?  
It’s foolish to
Wonderfully made,
When youre all alone and you think no one is around. When you think no one else see's what youre doing. Look up to the sky, forgot about him, did you? God knows all and see's all.
The reflection oppressed upon me cannot comprehend what’s beneath my faltered skin and battered complexion or amount to my heart that beats passionately for music and the lines of my poetry.
I'm either all in  or all out.  A lot of people are wondering, is there a God? Yes, there is. I've seen him do miracles in my life and in those around me.  I'm here to say, actually strive to show, 
The words hit deep,  as they penetrate into the complex ignorance lingering within  I cannot clear my mind  See transluecence equivalences admittance,
People ask what is love?
Love finally found me, alone in my room, despair had eclipsed this old heart like the moon, covering the Sun and blinding my eyes, I called out to God and He heard my cries, I still feel the pangs of being alone, left here to suffer my mind is st
They say it doesn't matter. That they can fix things With some pills, or a rope And everything will be okay. “Why keep going?” they say. “Nothing that I do matters.” “Nothing can help me.”
I'm human I am loved I am flawless and I don't apologize. You're human You are loved You are flawless and should never apologize We are humans We are loved and We love 
She walks in her room picks up her razor, grabs the pills she sits down on her bed, and she cries "Why? Why me!" she screams Everyone sighs Some may even roll their eyes
  I am ….. Broken. By the strong reigns that peer pressure pulls towards me. Constantly fighting the battle of not being lonely No real father in my life honestly it’s not by choice
Batteries don't last forever Juice oozes with every standing O Your rays and beams lit up Penetrated the humorless The light was sold with every ticket The silver screen molded into a stake
How could you love someone like me? Why was it me .. the one you ended up falling for? I stop and wonder why are you here? Do you even care? Or I'm I just another pawn in your game.. That you will throw away
She sits at home thinking of him With a tiny light that is dim Her mind races and runs He takes her breathe from her lungs When they touch it becomes a flame They realize they are both the same
My mind holds me hostage Torturing me with the memories,
Again. It came crashing down on my windowsil. Raking, tapping, billowing. It clouded my thoughts, yet cleared them too. It reminded me of you.
A mother's love is so deep and true there is nothing she wouldn't do for you. A mother's love will always and forever try to protect you and keep you from feeling blue. A mother's love will be there for you on a drop of a dime.
I am young
It can go away so easily All this pain, this fear This loneliness, these tears I can make it go away.   It can go away so easily Just three pills too many A small slit to a fragile wrist
Your love engulfs me like a wave Overwhelmed as it crashes against a shore You love me unconditionally What is this beauty I see? A love unrelenting Strong and withstanding Lord, how can this be?
I am an adopted child. A princess of a King A sweet love new to me.
Is it me or just the pain insideThe life I have, I cannot hideWhat I see in the mirror is so realIt shouldnt matter how I feelClose the door to doubt and insignificance 
  One last hug, Just before I go to bed
Diana, Princess of Wales, was right. This world is very sick. She said something beautiful. She said, “The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved”.
There is nothing more beutiful in life than love. It's the glue that holds everything together, the thing that makes life more sweet,
I am as strong as the woman who raised me, I am as brave as the father who helped me, and I am as valuable as the god who created me. -Brianna Todd
Being girl and growing up watching Disney classic You think we all love the princesse Not this girl, I fell in love with the Genie played by Robin Williams His death shocked the nation
"Who I am?",  is an ever changing aspect. Out of all the people in the world I'm simply a speck. Just a grain of sand at the beach, my skin is the color of bleach. If I throw on a filter I can look sweet as a Georgia Peach.
You give me tears, you give me love, but there's more you do that lifts my heart, eve
I'm feeling a little inspired today, I wish there were more days like these. Wasn't feeling tired today, Finally, life is starting to make sense to me. Why couldn't I figure this out before? Love is all we can give and need.
Refuse the flesh and follow the spirit. Lay down your idles, it is then that you will hear him. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. You're never too far gone. He died for us. your soul can be made right.
How can you know that love is real?
Have you ever felt like you are drifting away?  and need someone to show you reasons to stay? Family, friends, and some pets too  Always pick you up when you feel blue Hugs, cuddles, and kisses
How is it that we never had anything special
No, I don’t think you’re crazy A little eccentric, maybe But I’ve always loved you like that Don’t I always have your back? I was never the one to judge you Instead I’ve always tried to nudge you In becoming of what you dreamed
I will hold you in my arms to keep you safe and sound. I will take away your fears, like a shield I will surround. I will watch you while you're sleeping, and send you happy thoughts.
When I was a small puppy I brought smiles to your face We played and we had fun You petted me softly You told me what a good puppy I was
You say  that you're here for me, but I know  that by this time next month you'll be gone.  
Your prescence warms me and you're always there. No matter what, you leave room for me. When I'm down you help me up. You've seen me at my best, but mostly at my worst. You've seen it all, and still you remain by my side. I love you, friend.
It's been 5 years since we first met since we saw one another truly since nothing mattered but each other since I was scared We were: On It's been 4 years since things started
If only you knew how much I do love you And if only I knew the real you... As I look up into the sky blue... elevation Hesitation was created by over-thinking which was caused by my own trust issues....
  The time that passes. I’ve seen each face. It amazes this race. These faces and eyes dry, but mouths that mount up on wings and fly
Have you ever seen a tree, grown so big and so strong From the nourishment of the earth for all the years long Notice the rays from the sun falling upon all things Expecting nothing in return yet sunlight it brings
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