Alive vs. Living




Finding out

Who I am going to be?


It is not as easy

As a lot of people make it seem.

I feel that I can be many things

Which ultimately leads to just empty dreams.


I know I have the capability to do well

In this society

But as for right now,

It's causing serious anxiety.


Although things are really looking down right now,

I will always remain positive.

Because I know who I am,

A part of me being very acceptive.

About any and everything.


The world is so much more

Than what most humans view it as.

But people like me that cares about

What God and Mother nature has

Given us are looked down upon.


When one cares more about

How beautifully flowers bloom. 

And almost all women have the amazing ability

To create another soul in a womb.


Instead of what paid celebrity match-up

Is most recent and irrelevant.

Or how a new designer came out with new fashions

That has a price tag that I can't even estimate.


I care more about how the homeless

Are treated

And how we could possibly

Make their lives better.

I am an unconditional lover,

In a word full of bitter,

Evil and manipulative souls.


Even though it is hard remaining this way

When all i am ever around is negativity.

I will never let that 

Lead me to insensitivity

Of others. I will

Always take part in social activity

Even when I don't connect with certain people.


Because no one

No soul

Can stop me from loving and caring for everyone

And everything I come in contact with.

I am Me.

I roam with graceful butterflies and 

The sway of the trees in the Spring breeze.

I am Me.

I am one with the Earth and every soul

That inhabits the same planet as me.

I am Me.

I cannot be influenced by anything at all to be

Anything other than what God intended for me.


I am Me.

Jazzman N'Kel Walker.

Accept me for my flaws and all

Or not.

I will still love you

And me.


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