A Gift to the World

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 07:40 -- C. Flo.


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The time that passes. I’ve seen each face. It amazes this race.

These faces and eyes dry, but mouths that mount up on wings and fly

 – So easy – too easy – to say

I Love You.


…i love you.


Love doesn’t just mean “for the moment.” It’s stronger than that.

Doesn’t – shouldn’t stop for the moment.

Used before the relationship is even tested. Not even given a rest; it

Continues until one day that bond breaks, now quicker than ever.

Love can last forever, if allowed.

But it’s just not the same.

Love, so strong, can look past anything

And still stand tall at the end of the day.

Given – yes given that it is true love…Love can last for ages, if we let it.


Love is strong but can’t open the door for itself; can’t always keep the door open.

A made up mind.

 A mind that won’t mind to be kind and unwind and be open.

To new things, to new people, to realize that “the bad apple does not spoil the bunch,” to be Open.

Have faith in those who haven’t earned your distrust

And have enough faith in yourself to know who earns it and who doesn’t.

Trust.  Faith. Hope for the best.


How much does love really mean? What is love’s worth?

Seems no one really appreciates it for what it is. Seems that as time carries on,

The importance of helping self is promoted while love’s meaning’s demoted

To tiny glass shells fragile enough to shatter into mere fragments

By the hands of love’s abusers.

Love allows one to see the beauty in others,

See past their faults, and be able to see the intent of their heart.

And then,

In return, we are able to see love’s true colors.

Every color.


To love someone is the easiest way to their heart.

To reach a part of them that is purest.

To get a peek into their goals and dreams and see its beauty.

When you choose to love, you give them freedom.

And they give you freedom.

That freedom makes loving easy because

No judgment, no superficial circumstance, no pride

Can ever cloud how anyone is perceived.

With a clear mind, that freedom – THAT freedom is achieved.

Even the Ultimate Love gives freedom.

Freedom – to be accepted one hundred percent for all the good, the bad, the quirky, the ugly,

the way you turn a reddish hue, the joyous parts

Of you.



This wonderful gift to the world is just that. A gift to the world. It was meant to be shared.

It is a selfless gift.

And this gift has been placed deliberately in your hands.

Do you choose to share it?


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