Sun, 11/26/2017 - 22:52 -- kopari

Dear III,


I fell for you,


You were something new,

Something different,

And I felt something I'd never felt.

I wasn't supposed to.

We were headed down separate roads

But when you fell asleep,

Your head on my stomach,

On that stretching highway we traveled together,

I saw life

And miraculous, intricate beauty

Etched into the lines and curves of your face

And I thought,

"If you wanted the stars

Just say the word

'Cause you fly me to the moon

And I'd soar that extra distance

Just to bring them back to you,

'Cause I'm unmistakably


Ardently in love with you."


Months passed by

And I've never felt so much.

You frustrate me

And get under my skin

Like no one else before,

But I cherish every moment

Because time with you is the so valuable.

I know it's so limited

But I won't let go

'Cause I'm unmistakably


Ardently in love with you


And now you hurt me

But you don't know.

It's not your fault

You never loved me the same.

Because I have something you don't.

It's the reason I can't be bitter with you

For leading me on

And toying with my heart,

Even if I wanted to be.


See, I have a Love in me

That overcomes all that.

It overflows out of me

And reflects on to you.

Every time I look at you

All I can think of

Is how much God Loves you

And how much he wants your heart.

It breaks my heart to know

That you won't find the satsfaction you seek

Until you seek Him,

So how must it feel

for a God

Who loves you infinitely more?


So I forgive you

And unmistakably,



Love you,

Because of a father

Who relentessly,



Loves you.






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