They Are One

She sits at home thinking of him

With a tiny light that is dim

Her mind races and runs

He takes her breathe from her lungs

When they touch it becomes a flame

They realize they are both the same

His smile shines in her heart

His personality is like a beautiful art

Togeher the world is silent

Being with each other is a great assignment

Her heart fills with butterflies

Because her lonley heart hates goodbyes

Streams take over her face

He makes them vanish for he found his place

A spark on both their lips inflame

Touching his heart she lets go of pain

In his brown liquid souls she sees his happiness

Her mind stops running but goes to blackness

With him her mind clears

SHe wants to feel this way for years

Their hearts beat togerher side by side

One day she hopes to be his bride

Becasue together they are one not two

And it was each other they would never lose


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