This is for you ...


How could you love someone like me?
Why was it me .. the one you ended up falling for?
I stop and wonder why are you here?
Do you even care?
Or I'm I just another pawn in your game..
That you will throw away
The minute someone better comes your way
Are the things you tell me real?
Do you even truly love me?
Or I'm I just a toy to you that you will soon misuse and abuse..
Will you break me to the point of no return?
Can there ever be an us?
Is the trust I had for you still there..
Or did it all go away that fateful day?
Do you even fully love me..
When your heart is for another?
Should I just go so that I won't have to hurt anymore...

The truth is I can't
I can't just turn and walk away
Cause my love for you will never go away
I will stay right here till the end
Cause I know one day I'll have your heart all the way
Instead of just halfway...


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