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How can you know that love is real? Because you can't run from the way you feel.
That's the one thing you cannot deny.
You can't ignore the desire you have for someone.
Maybe it is all in your head maybe it is just a state of mind and it will change with the tides
and with time it will be easy to forget.
But, when you were still there, in that utopia with the one you love, there is no way you could ever completely forget what it felt like to have someone you feel completely comfortable with. Someone you look at and for a second you could not imagine your life without them. Someone whose smile made you smile and their happiness meant the world to you. The whole entire world.
I used to wonder who came up with the damn concept of love, this damned emotion that started off as beautiful young full of light until it drys you out and leaves you with darkness, until I realized it's no damn concept. It's fucking real. And it's in my heart, and it's who I am. And it's what I have. For you.
So if you ever wonder how long I will love you, if that's "forever"
Just remember what I've told you and how I would look at you and ask yourself how could that ever really leave my heart completely.


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