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Have you ever seen a tree, grown so big and so strong
From the nourishment of the earth for all the years long
Notice the rays from the sun falling upon all things
Expecting nothing in return yet sunlight it brings
Ever look at the moon that lights up the night
Giving us vision of all the things in sight
Ever notice a mother so patient and kind
Teaching a child right from wrong with no return in mind
Ever laid eyes on a flower blooming from the ground
With help from the sunshine which rays it has found
Take a deep breath, notice oxygen you breath
Expect nothing back yet beautiful life it brings
All of these things beautiful and joyful to see
But one thing I know greater than all these things
A being who died to cleanse all of my sins
So loving in nature, not following worldly trends
We often forget of him because we are flawed
But, he loves us UNCONDITIONALLY for he is the merciful God.


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