Seek Truth!

I'm feeling a little inspired today, I wish there were more days like these. Wasn't feeling tired today, Finally, life is starting to make sense to me. Why couldn't I figure this out before? Love is all we can give and need. Surely there is more to this life, More than money, wealth and greed. Is it something in the air? Maybe its the holy spirit in me. There's no point in worrying, Burdens, problems. Jesus died for them all. If you have one hundred percent faith, He will always be there to catch you when you fall. I hate saying hate, and fear is my enemy. The only one I will fear, Is the one who gave breath to me. Trust him, trust him, Maybe you didn't hear me clearly. Trust him with all your heart, Believe after this life there is eternity. If I gave you a minute, Would you consider wasting time? Do you have what it takes to surrender to yourself? Do you have what it takes to lay everything on the line. Seek him.


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