"Clay in the Potter's Hand"


"Who I am?",  is an ever changing aspect. Out of all the people in the world I'm simply a speck. Just a grain of sand at the beach, my skin is the color of bleach. If I throw on a filter I can look sweet as a Georgia Peach. The thing is I want to be more than sand, more than a speck in your hand.

The most important thing about me is I'm a man who serves God. He made me who I am, and he made you who you are. He made everything on Earth thats near, and everything thats far. He gave Henry Ford inspiration to make the Model-T car. He gave MLK a dream to create equality for all. In a similar way like the men I mention before, I want to be a man who is known from door to door. I want to inspire a generation lacking in patience. I want to heal the world that has too many sick patients. My dream is to love all who share with me their presence, so that one day we will be together in a wonderful place called 'Heaven'. 

My favorite number is seven, that's how old I was when I was saved. 

My favorite person was Granny, but she's dead in her grave.

Well actually she's alive in heaven, and she helped shape me into the man I am. She taught me how to love another, and she held my hand. I guess its hard to share too much about myself, because who I am inside...Well it's others that I'm about. I live my life for you, and for your family.

Who I am doesn't really matter because soon I will be gone.

But what really matters is the love inside this song. I most likely will never meet you, but I'd say, "I love you", to your face. I'm far away in Virginia and I'm sure you're in another place. If you take away the filter on my life, whether it's: clothes, wealth, attitude or greed. The main part of me that you will see...is the love that God has for you and me. 


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